Monday, September 29, 2008

Red Patent Leather Peep Toe Platform Pumps? Hmmm. . . .

24K Dress by Shabby AppleI'm in desperate need of your help O Friends of the Blogging World.

Next month I am going to a Class Four event. You've heard of the meteorological scale for tornadoes and hurricanes to rate power and destructive capabilities? Well the same scale works for social events where they can be ranked according to their importance, frequency and potential for Extreme Fashion Faux Pas. Observe:

Class I--family picnics, ball games and shoe shopping
Class II--girlfriend lunches and nights at the symphony
Class III--high school reunions, office parties and proms
Class IV-- television interviews, meeting old boyfriends that dumped you 20 years before and vice presidential nominations
Class V--Carnegie Hall debuts, Academy Awards, a Knighthood and moon landings

Right now I'm facing a Class IV because next month I've been invited to attend the 2008 Glamour Reel Moments film festival sponsored by Suave. You can click on the link for pictures and more details from last year's event but the whole thing in a nutshell is this: Glamour Magazine has for three years hosted a contest where their readers can submit story ideas then famous actresses each pick their favorite idea to be made into a short film.

The actresses like it because it gives them a step into the world of directing, the readers love it because it gives them a shot at fame and fortune and the magazine loves it because it's been so darn successful, a win-win-win situation. Kristen Dunst, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Rita Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow--they've all made their directorial debuts through the event and everyone's happy because it promotes women in film.

This year Demi Moore and Courtney Cox join the fun and Suave, the sponsor, is bringing a small group of bloggers down to attend the film festival and party then to write about the experience. Not only am I looking forward to California sun, a great hotel, star gazing and four days of fun but I finally get to meet Amy Clark of and Liz Thompson from This Full House--two bloggers I've admired since I began Scribbit.

So the point is I'm going to this red carpet event and while Sarah Palin has made it hip to know how to dress your own moose carcass I'm guessing I'm going to need to something more than Carharts for the occasion. As it happens, my favorite online boutique, Shabby Apple, is sending me their beautiful 24K dress (my brother-in-law suggested they call it Golden Delicious--now THAT'S a man with a future in fashion, no?) that you see pictured above which ought to be perfect for the occasion but it leaves me with the glaring question: "SO WHAT ABOUT THE SHOES?"

Now a decision like this can't be handled lightly. I could tell right away that I didn't want shoes with an ankle strap because with the hem hitting below the knee the strap shortens the line of your leg too much, you need the lengthening design of a pump. But that was as far as I got. Should I go with gold? Maybe . . . but that seems rather typical and I thought this event could handle more of a "WOW!" than just matching my shoes to my dress. What about drama? What about contrast?

Justine by RSVPSo I talked with my good friend Trachelle at High Heels and a Sippy Cup (who is a fashion master I tell you, I think she has a M.A. in Accessorization or something) and she confirmed that indeed, red shoes would be the atomic punch an outfit like this could handle. But she also suggested red patent leather peep toe platform pumps which I hadn't considered but which I quickly recognized as Truth.

The thing is, she said the dress needed towering high heels--"the taller the better"--which instantly terrified me. I can see that yes, four-inchers would be fabulous but let's be realistic, I'm six feet tall. And while I would like to stand out a little at an event like this I don't know that I want to go for the Andre the Giant look.

Should I care about being so tall? Andrew won't be there so it's not as if I have to worry about dwarfing my date but surely there's a limit to how tall a female should be? But Trachelle is right about the look of high heels--legs always look better in high heels--and I just love the platform peep toe silhouette that's so mod right now.

Guess by MarcianoI consulted with my sister Melissa at Motherhood for Dummies--another whose fashion opinion I often seek. She understood my concerns about being launched into the atmosphere (nosebleeds anyone?) and while she thought the red or burgundy patent leather look was fine (I like burgundy slightly better than red) her vote went for something in gold--like the D'Orsay pump Guess by Marciano.

Madison by RSVPThis didn't help at all. Gold is okay but the dress has a bit of bronze to it, not quite the Solid Gold tone the shoes are sporting. I went back and looked at leopard print pumps which Melissa also liked and while I can see how a gold dress with leopard print shoes would be hot hot hot I don't want to run the risk of having the whole thing look trashy. Do the leopard skin pumps look skanky or sophisticated?

Query by Via SpigaShould I care about the price? My favorite pair is this burgundy patent leather pair from Via Spiga that costs more than the rest of the shoes combined (but check out the iridescence--does it get any funkier than that? With a gold dress that would be PERFECT). But $211 (sale price) for a pair of shoes that I'll most likely never wear again? Sounds rather obscene.

So I turn to you all in my hour of need. Damselfly? Anyone? Help!

I need your fashion expertise to guide me in my selection because obviously I'm incapable of making the decision on my own. Vote below and check all the boxes you think apply. If you can come up with something that combines the beauty of the Via Spigas with the price tag of the RSVP pumps then by all means, leave me a comment and a link to the Perfect Pair. I'd even let you wear them after I was done.

  • Gold (stick with a matching color)
  • Brown (dress it down a bit)
  • Red (don't forget the red polish and lipstick)
  • Burgundy (red is good but burgundy is better)
  • Leopard skin (as long as you're okay with attention why not go all the way?)
  • VERY high heels (tall is great anyway)
  • Medium heels (let's not get crazy, okay?)
  • Peep toes (what else is a pedicure for?)
  • Pumps (those pointy toes are so chic)
  • Ankle straps (they're so in right now)

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Sloopy said...

I think if you're going to accessorize, you ought to match the shoes with the jewelry - a three strand burgundy and gold tone necklace with a bracelet that just hits your wrist; and dangly earrings... it would be so in, in, in!!!

Duke, Kathryn, & Seamus said...

Michelle, Trachelle has great style! She is also the best hair stylist I have ever had! I definately like the idea of open toe pumps/platforms/wedges (which ones can you gracefully walk in??) and I really think burgundy is a great color!! I think the dress already lends enough iridescense to the outfit though.

Here are a few pairs that caught my eye...

The top two are my favorites and as far as the straps go, they do cut the visual line of the leg - but that's something that you don't need to worry about! The slanted straps of the Via Spiga's help though, if it's an issue.

Thinking about it, I would pick the Via Spiga Quinta's because I can't walk in strapless pumps and because they are darn cute! I think the Stewart Weitzman pumps are sexier though.

Whatever you choose, you'll look great!

TJ said...

i am also six feet tall. and having shoes like that are awesome! i have some 3 1/2 inch wedges, and i love love love wearing them. i would totally go for the red pumps. or, wedges because sometimes those are easier to walk in. i love shabby apple too. i have two of their dresses. wish i could get more....

gretchen from lifenut said...

I LOVE the burgundy shoes and think they would look fantastic with the gold dress. This is from someone who spends all her time in the school pick-up line drooling over dumb fashion magazines.

Also? Jealous. Absolutely green with it here...

perilloparodies said...

I like the peep toe look with that dress. the dress has kind of a older feel to it that compliments a shoe like that. I think, without the ankle strap. and... when in doubt, black works, but i wonder if you could find a black peep shoe that has gold flecks or detailing... a shoe that you WOULD use again and would function so well for this occasion. Sorry for sticking in another option, but that is what I prefer... and, if i MUST give a second option, I would prefer the burgundy peep toe... :-)

karen said...

With 4" heels and stilts, I wouldn't make six feet tall. I say show off your enviable height with the most eye-catching pumps you can find!

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun! I'm so excited for you! I can't believe you're going. *squeal* (sorry...I'm turning into a girly-girl here at the sight of that dress)
Models and actresses are often very tall, so I wouldn't worry about being tall. (I'm with Karen here...4 inch heels would make me...oh 5'6" or so...) I love all those heels you posted pics of but the burgundy are my fav. Don't forgot to post pics of yourself! How are you going to do your hair?

Babystepper said...

I would not go with the red. I don't know, the color was just wrong. The burgundy pair is absolutely stunning and would be beautiful. I think you're right about the skank factor of the leopard print, but then I'm from Oklahoma, and I just think all animal prints are skanky because that's often who wears them around here. (Skanks, that is.)

But then, you should hardly take my advice, really. I'm currently wearing a purple t-shirt, navy sweat pants, and black house shoes.

angie said...

How exciting.

How come I never get invited to anything? Wait....must be because I'm not in the top whatever percent you are in! :)

Octamom said...

I had to vote for the burgundy--and yes, I understand the obscenity of the price involved, but I suppose I'm better at spending your money than I am at spending mine on shoes that will be worn once....but how often to you get to go to a gig like this?!?


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh girl, I think the red would be fabulous- go brighter, not burgundy if you can... I think it would look fabulous. If all else fails, the same color shoe would look great but might be super hard to find. Don't worry about heel height so much, I think, because yes you are tall!

No matter what you will look fantastic!


Anonymous said...

[blink, blink]

Um...looks like I'm totally going to have to rethink what I'm wearing.

[shakes head]

Gosh, but you're going to look AWESOME and I'm looking forward to hugging you, anyway ;o)

Maddy said...

Whilst I would normally be only too happy to help, sadly I am disqualified as I have no knowledge at all in the area of fashion.

I do have a dot of advice though. Whichever one you finally plummp for [not to say 'pump' for] I would [humbly] suggest you practice wearing and walking in them every day to avoid blisters. I anticipate serious dollops of amusement for the rest of your family as they observe your footfalls and face crashes! :)

Headless Mom said...

I voted VERY high- First because there is nothing more head turning than a tall woman with the confidence to wear heels. Second, the line is perfect with the dress. I would even lean toward the leopard, super high. The burgundy would be a beautiful understated choice though. Remember, in LA you can't go overboard. I don't think people around here know the word. Have a blast!

Candid Carrie said...

OH MY GOSH ... Whatever shoes you wear, get them early a practice often!

I voted red but I think "sloopy" was right on the money with her fashion advice.

Skip hosery so that if any of the celebs slip out of their shoes you can do it, too.

Cathi said...

Michelle, I say...take $211 and go for the gorgeous burgundy shoes. They will accent the dress to perfection. I believe you can wear them again and often. At least every time you wear the dress and why not put together your Thanksgiving and Christmas outfits around the shoes.

Minda said...

The burgundy patent leather pair from Via Spiga are it. They are smooth, sexy and classy without having to high of a heel. Come on, you are going to be rubbing elbows with some very famous folks. Splurge!

Anonymous said...

just be yourself.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I'm just so excited for you!!!! What a great experience :)
If only it was held in could come barefoot :)

Janelle said...

The red are great, but the dress is a little muted for such a bright color. The burgundy would be FABULOUS, though! It's taken me a year (or more) to appreciate the peep-toe look (they just remind me of the hideous shoes my mom wore in the 80's), but I've decided they're definitely sexy in a non-corner-of-Main-and-32nd-I-look-like-a-hooker sort of way.

Don't worry about the height. I understand that you don't want to "stand" out, but if you get really tall heels, you'll just remind people of Allison Janney, who is one of my favorite actresses...funny, classy, beautiful.

Lara said...

I think you need to go with red or burgundy. Although, you could contact Shabby Apple and find out what shoes the model there is wearing, they're pretty fab, too.

Jessica Parks said...

They have a thinner heel but the $73 price tag is nicer! It sounds like it will be a blast, and we should get some great stories out of it!

tjhirst said...

Go for the red peep toe. Who cares that you are the tallest one their. Stand up tall and be noticed. Lucky You!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, you are killing me! I am in the same dilemma. I actually borrowed a pair of the highest shoes I have ever seen in my life and I am going to have to scrub toilets in them until I figure out how to walk in them. They are black and glittery- borrowed from my favorite fashionista in town. I am going to have to practice A LOT, but I may kill myself in the process.

Would it be pitiful to wear shabby ballet flats like usual?

I vote for the red peep toe. If I have to kill myself, I will need some company :)

Janet said...

I wouldn't worry about the heel height. I expect there will be plenty of 6-foot models there with spiky heels on. They'll all think you're one of them! I have a gold dress that I wore with shoes that were multitone bronze, gold, and silver (my mom's). I'm sure they came from payless. The dress was from Spiegel. It was for the 2004 Christmas for Charity Ball where the Mountain Man's organization was honored. Of course, I'm only 5'6" and he's 6'2".
i don't like those extra pointy toes that make your feet look three inches longer than they are.
Sorry I have no links of useful items for you. I'm playing blog catch up today. It could take me weeks.

Pencil Writer said...

So, comfortable shoes aren't even in the running? I remember, somewhere back decades, which is unclear, but somewhere I actually had a comfortable pair of heels. I'm old enough now to pass on high heels even if my dear spouse is a foot taller than I! Go look chic and have a blast. Taller, redder (or burgund-ier as the case may be), glamorus and intelligent. ;-}

WkSocMom said...

I vote high, but of course I'm 5'2", peep toe, and because I have no money and love shopping for shoes, thought I'd throw out a few cheaper options I found on - maybe red leather, not so bright.
No burgundy, but some gold and brown shiny options that might work
Fairly sure I would break my ankle

April said...

I SO wish that I had some advice, but it's been almost two years since I've worn anything but FLIP FLOPS! YIKES! I can't believe I seriously just typed that!

That dress is AWESOME though!

Geekwif said...

I'm no fashion expert by any stretch of the imagination, but those burgundy shoes are gorgeous!

I'd say buy them despite the price for these reasons:
1) How often do you have an excuse to dress for a Class IV event?
2) They will look wonderful with that dress.
3) You can sell them on eBay after the event is over. Use the facts that they were only worn once and that they were worn to a celebrity-studded event as selling points and you might just get a good chunk of your money back for them.

Damselfly said...

How cool that you are going to an LA film festival!!!

Love your levels of dressing! I think I'll print it out.

My personal favorite would be the leopard print, but red would be fun too. In LA, I don't think the leopard print or red will be considered skanky.

And definitely play up your height!

Have fun, and mostly choose your shoes based on what moves you. If the burgundy shoes move you (as they seem to), go with your heart! :)

Alison Jerabek said...

Do. Not. Touch. The. Leopard. Print.


I vote for super tall, super fierce burgundy peep-toes any day. :)

odat_kim said...

If I may put in my 2 cents worth for the height. I remember in university going to one of the dances and a young lady walked by who must have been minimum 6 inches taller than me (and I'm 5'10"), everyone, and I mean everyone watched her saunter across the room, she was magnificient.

I really think you could pull that off and be that fabulous "I want to aspire to have that one day" women in other's memories. You need the confidence to wear it too, it's been 15 years but I remember it like yesterday and I still admire her.

One more tip, if you go with contrasting shoes you must must must have 2 other items of accessories that match the shoes to pull the outfit together (it's the 3 matching items rule).

Musings of a Housewife said...

Those burgundy Via Spigas are the ONLY way to go with that dress. Girl, GO FOR IT! :-)

Steve Ballmer said...


~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Burgundy, peep toe and medium heels (you do want a bit of comfort - unless the high heels are comfortable too!). The burgundy is stunning while a bit demure in a sexy way!

Mean Mommy said...

Well, lady- It IS a class IV event! (Love your examples of class V, hahaha) I say throw your shoulders back, hold your chin up and embrace your super-model height, wear those beautiful $211 burgundy peep toes and ENJOY the event, ENJOY your beautiful outfit, and most of all ENJOY your success!

You can always wear those shoes again! And if you make wearing them a good memory- you'll want to! They are gah-hor-gee-yus!!!

Scribbit said...

Love those links Kathryn, the black wedges are fabulous.

TJ--you're tall and pale? I'm starting to wonder if we're actually sisters :)

Note here: I love how in the comments most say to go with super high heels though there must be a few secretly shaking their heads because the votes in the poll show medium heels nudging high heels out.

Hmmm . . . that complicates things. :)

Shabby in the City--your comment cracked me up! Too funny. Snort.

I like the idea of going with the burgundy shoes then trying to auction them off--maybe I like that because it says do what I want to do.

Jessica--you're terrific! You found another pair! Just what I needed, those are really close to what I wanted.

wksocmom--those red Mary Janes are WOW. I don't know that I could pull them off but boy they're something

You know I'll be posting pictures and writing plenty of things about the trip--I'm just sure Gwyneth Paltrow and I will be best friends. :)

luckyzmom said...

My favorite are the burgandy heels. I didn't vote for them though. I think they are too cool for the dress, which I don't much care for.

Naomi said...

Not to send you off on a totally different road, but I have to say it's the season for boots...

Alison said...

I agree with Naomi - boots. Don't come to me for fashion advice though, I'm a klutz. I almost always wear black footwear. It's classy, never goes out of fashion, and does not clash with the outfit. So how about black high-heel boots?

page2 said...

I don't think you should worry about being too tall. You'll look like a super model with high, high heels.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

How exciting! In the picture the dress looks all silky, smooth and plain. In that case, I personally would go for shoes with personality! Leopard spots all the way! :-) And I wish I were tall. If I were I'd flaunt it and wear tall, tall heels and stand above the crowd like a goddess :-)

All Rileyed Up said...

I am so excited (translate: jealous) for your trip. I think the red and burgundy both look good (though I voted for red). Red is more appealing to me, but the burgundy will look good too. I would not go for the leopard spotted. As for height, don't worry about whatever size heel you have. Anything you can do to stand out, do it. You're going to be surrounded by movie stars. You'll need all the height you can to be noticed, don't you think? Unless you don't want to be noticed? Oh, and as for the price factor, I say you can never spend too much on shoes. As long as you have the cash, go for it.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Love the Fashion Faux Pas Scale.

JENNIFER said...

Thank goodness you have a lot of very fashion conscious friends to give you such great advice on the shoes. Sure wish I could help but I just recently started reading INstyle magazine so maybe by the time you have to make another fashion choice I can be the one to dazzle you with advice :)

However I am super excited for your amazing opportunity. I cannot wait to hear all about it...every last detail.

High-Heels And A Sippy-Cup said...

Oh my, I had no idea my fashion advice would be going global on the internet. *smile* I'm flattered.

And you my friend are going to be gorgeous in gold and burgundy! I love it!

I hadn't checked my feed reader when I talked to you earlier today. Oops! I had no idea you did a whole post on it. *wink*

Mandy said...

Congrats to you! That is awesome!

SarahHub said...

How fun!

I voted RED!

Christine said...

(first of all, I can't believe the burgundy ones I voted for are in the lead, since me and red carpet events have never met.)

Omigosh! Congratulations on getting to go. Must. See. Pics. Of. Your hair! I think you should up-do it (or the people who are dressing you should) in order to show the beautiful collar on the dress.

You will look stunning!

Mean Mommy said...

I like these ones personally. Leopard, peep toes, heels, AND red. Does it get any better?

kkryno said...

I know that you're tall; but I say, "Work it, girl!" I vote for very high heels; pointy-toed, suede, bing-cherry hued, va-va-voom, classic 1940's glamorous styled pumps; with just the slightest bit of toe-cleavage revealed for a touch of the provocative. Sorry such a long comment: I was a major shoe hound in my last life! :)

Hazel said...

Personally, having done something similar but nowhere near as glamorous many years ago, you will find that you are on your feet *a lot*. You must be comfortable with whatever colour or style you choose and that's not only feeling right inside (as in do you think that women who are six feet tall should never where really high heels?) but also something that you can walk around in for at least an hour at home and still feel that you want to walk some more before you take them off. Economics may, of course, dictate that you need to buy something that you wear again, the glamour of the occasion may say "to hell with the expense"!

BlapherMJ said...

Oh to have long lovely legs! Show your height off - the red peep toe shoes with the gold dress is classy, elegant and very stylish! Accessorize! :-) Congratulations on attending!

Tessa said...

What fun! I think gold if you can get the right gold or burgundy would be lovely.
However another idea I have is emerald green peep toe shoes with emerald green and gold jewellery, if you can walk in them go for the high heels, but I'd choose medium for myself.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a bronze-gold which might not look that great with burgundy. I like the red, open toe.

SB in Michigan

Tessa said...

I am still keen on green shoes, have a peek at
Emerald green shoes
and emerald suede forzieri (the price of this second pair is way ott so maybe just for dreaming about)
and if the red carpet really is red green shoes would be a pop of colour and red ones disappear like camouflage.