Monday, February 02, 2009

The Best Write-Away Contest Yet

Rover Beach Cruiser from Just BicyclesSorry for the superlatives but this really is the best month ever for the Write-Away Contest. If you don't believe me just check out this month's sponsor. Just Bicycles is a terrific website that sells--you guessed it--just bicycles but these are the coolest bikes I've seen.

Now I have to admit that Lance Armstrong I am not and I'm not really a fan of the hyper-tech bicycles for those of you training to bike over the Himalayas or across Africa next summer. I like my seats soft, the handlebars high and comfort all the way.

That's why I'm excited about the prize this month. Just Bicycles has mountain bikes which are great for their purpose but for those of us whose thighs aren't so hardy Just Bicycles has beach cruisers which in my opinion is how a bike should be.

Island Tandem Bike from Just BicyclesLove the fenders, love the upright, vintage style and I can picture myself riding one of these babies along a road on Sanibel Island with a gorgeous bike basket full of flowers in the front, the breeze blowing in my hair. Or maybe on one of their tandem bikes with Andrew--and the flowers thing too. Gotta have the basket and the flowers thing for the full dream-like effect.

So now that I've got you all worked up over biking across the beaches on one of these bikes Just Bicycles is offering a prize of $200 toward one of their gorgeous beach cruiser bikes which should cover the cost of most of their models including shipping but I do need to caution you that should you live outside of the contiguous United States with extra shipping charges beyond what the $200 covers it will fall on you to make up the difference for your prize to make it all the way to you (sorry, but shipping to Patagonia or Prague can be expensive you know).

Everyone with me so far?

This month's topic is . . .*drumroll* "First Bike." It happened that over the holidays while we were out with friends each of us began talking about our first bikes. How we got them, what they were like, how we felt about them and I realized that most of us can remember the first bike we owned and how it made us feel. February is the month of love and there's nothing like the love of a kid for his or her bike so I'm guessing there are stories out there, either from your own experience or someone you know, and here's your chance.

Our guest judge is Riley from All Rileyed Up who is not only an excellent writer/rider but is currently mourning the fact that as a judge she can't enter the contest herself and take a shot at the Fabulous Prize.

That's enough details, the next part is all up to you, to enter please follow the directions below:

1. Write a post or find one in your archives on this month's theme then email your post's permalink to me at scribbit at The permalink is the URL of the individual post--not the URL of your blog--usually found by clicking on the post title or time stamp and copying the URL that appears in the address field. I will accept entries through Wednesday February 18th. If you fail to meet that deadline I will still happily publish your link with the list of entries but it will not be judged. I reserve the right to reject submissions if they fail to meet the topic or if they contain objectionable content.

2. Publish a link to the contest page here at Scribbit in either your entry post or in a separate post. I'm not picky how you do this, just give the contest a little mention as a courtesy and nod back. Don't stress over it because I won't.

3. Check back here on Friday February 21st when I will post a complete list of the entries along with the Write-Away Winner and three Honorable Mentions.

4. Please remember: I will list the entries along with a small teaser for each. Just the first sentence or two of each post to give people an idea what they might expect if they should be so bold as to click on the entry.

Also, please be aware that while you are welcome to include graphics or photographs with your entries the judge will only see the text of your post. No links, no pictures, no name of your blog, nothing that might identify it to the judge. While visual posts are always beautiful to see on your blog I will only send the text to the judge and your entry will not be able to rely on visuals to influence their judgment.

I'm sorry if this makes it difficult, there are some amazing photographers out there, but it is a writing contest and I'd like to keep things focused on words.

As always, all featured winners will get to take home this attractive Write-Away Winner button which he or she may display if they wish.

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M said...

AHH! I am so excited about this one! What a great prize and GREAT topic!

(Do you think I used enough exclamation points?!?)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading all the wonderful entries!

The Motherboard said...

Oooo! This is a great topic!

Patois42 said...

I love "Riley" and I love your topic. I even remember everything about that first bike, including the trip to the emergency room.

Mozi Esme said...

Fun! I'm going to try very hard to enter this one...

Alison Kerr said...

How cool is that? I already have a great bike, but who can resist writing about their first bike? Not me, my fingers are already itching to get started at my keyboard!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Fun! These will be good reads!

tiarastantrums said...

okay, I am up

Damselfly said...

Wow, I just might have to enter! I have a lot of good memories riding on my bike as a girl.

Jennifer said...

Yay! I just finished! I'm about to enter! Just have to get it posted! Great topic, I'm excited!

Anonymous said...

Your topic has excited me enough to force me to write! Thank you for that.

Becky Andrews said...

As we start on a new bike ride today - reposted my entry. Hope the winner is loving her bike!