Tuesday, November 03, 2009

November's Write-Away Contest

Heading into the holidays here (notice my smooooth alliteration) and we've got a new month's contest. Our guest judge will be Amanda from Oh, Amanda (who I'm hoping to meet at Blissdom in February) and the topic will be "Grateful." I'm leaving it rather open but there is a slight change in the rules this time. Because it's so open I will only take new posts this month. Nothing from the archives, only new material.

As for the prize, this month it will be a selection of goodies from Bath and Body Works suitable for the occasion.

So if that gets you thinking all you need to do to enter is to follow the directions below:

1. Write a post on this month's theme then email your post's permalink to me at scribbit at gmail.com. The permalink is the URL of the individual post--not the URL of your blog--usually found by clicking on the post title or time stamp and copying the URL that appears in the address field. I will accept entries through Sunday November 22nd. If you fail to meet that deadline I will still happily publish your link with the list of entries but it will not be judged. I reserve the right to reject submissions if they fail to meet the topic or if they contain objectionable content. Please look for a confirmation email from me within hours saying I received your entry--just to be safe.

2. Publish a link to this contest page here at Scribbit in either your entry post or in a separate post. I'm not picky how you do this, just give the contest a little mention as a courtesy and nod back. Don't stress over it because I won't.

3. Check back here on Tuesday November 24th when I will post a complete list of the entries along with the Write-Away Winner and three Honorable Mentions.

4. Please remember: I will list the entries along with a small teaser for each. Just the first sentence or two of each post to give people an idea what they might expect if they should be so bold as to click on the entry.

Also, please be aware that while you are welcome to include graphics or photographs with your entries the judge will only see the text of your post. No links, no pictures, no name of your blog, nothing that might identify it to the judge. While visual posts are always beautiful to see on your blog I will only send the text to the judge and your entry will not be able to rely on visuals to influence his or her judgment.

As always, all Winners and Honorable Mentions will get to take home this attractive Write-Away Winner button which he or she may display if they wish.

The Write-Away Contest Hosted by Scribbit

Oops! Forgot to add--Jennifer at Family Musings was the winner of the Timberland giveaway from this weekend. Those shoes are made for walking.

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Anonymous said...

Grateful is a most excellent topic, especially as we enter the holiday season.
Small things become big things when you are grateful.

M said...

Lots of directions on this one!

Scribbit said...

Sorry about the mixup--if you were confused why I said no archived posts then rule number one contradicts that, it's been fixed now.

Somehow my cut and paste didn't take properly.

Susan Berlien said...

Grateful sounds good, I'll start thinking :)

Holly said...

Being grateful is a great topic! Maybe this time I will actually enter your contest!