Friday, February 17, 2006

Favorite Places to Eat in Anchorage

10. Quizno's--I'm always hungry for the turkey-bacon-guacamole on wheat and always have a two-for-one coupon somewhere.

9. Cilantro's--doesn't inspire confidence from the outside, but authentic Mexican food inside. But don't try fried ice cream.

8. The Perfect Cup--perfect sandwich-soup-salad place and close by.

7. Restaurante Orso--great service and pasta but all their desserts have coffee or booze in them, yuck!

6. Milano's--best Greek gyros (pronounced?) and nicest owner.

5. The Downtown Deli--good sandwiches, great hot chocolate, great cinnamon rolls, always quiet.

4. The Glacier Brewhouse--smoked salmon fettucini or portobello mushroom pizza.

3. The Double Musky--a beautiful ride to Girdwood and the best peppercorn steak you could wish for and Double Musky cake is the best chocolate dessert on the planet.

2. The Moose's Tooth--cheese bread with house sauce for $5.95, best deal and bread in town.

1. The South Side Bistro--the cream of sun-dried tomato soup with the chevre salad.


Mo Mommy said...

I try to explain Moose's Tooth to people here all the time and they just don't get it.
I just heard they closed all the Taco Del Mar's up there or I'd say add that to the list. And what about Gallo's? Good stuff. Club Paris steaks, yum!
You're making me so homesick! Glad I found ya!

scribbit said...

Yup, Club Paris reportedly has the best steaks in town. I've eaten there and agree with the assessment, I'm just not a big steak eater--I'm more a carb queen.

Here's an update on several things:

Cilantro's has, sadly gone out of business and has been replaced by a sad little gumbo shack. I weep for the salsa I'm missing. I haven't found a Mexican restaurant to replace it in my heart--Gallos and Garcia's just don't cut it in my book.

The Downtown Deli no longer serves dinner but has gone the way of all delis in town and closes in late afternoon. That's what happens when Tony Knowles jumps ship.

As a replacement for those two favorites I would offer:

Jack Sprat's in Girdwood. Best crusty bread with warm olive oil and a little bit of something for everyone on the menu. Once again, you can't beat the drive.

Sak's Cafe. It's small, intimate and has the best lemon souffles for dessert (the BEST). Everything's a la carte but that just gives you a chance to sample the individual tastiness of each item.