Friday, December 15, 2006

Someone I'd Like You To Meet: Liz Strauss of Successful Blogs

This week I did something I rarely get to do: talk with another blogger about blogging. Liz Strauss from Successful Blogs called and I got to hear from someone who's been blogging much better and much longer than I have.

Liz grew up in Chicago then lived in Peoria and Indianopolis briefly before returning to the Windy City to settle for good. With 20 years of experience in print media it's no wonder she's taken to blogging where she attacks issues such as blog writing, branding, marketing, linking and designing alongside meatier issues like net neutrality and SEO--and sprinkled with an occasional interview or forum with fellow bloggers.

Here is a list of her more popular blog posts but I would especially recommend reading this week's post A Holiday Gift: The 31-Day Calendar of Blog Post Ideas for January where she outlines a whole month of ideas for your blog.

And as Liz herself said, "If you like me you stay, if you don't you move on." I'll be visiting her frequently.

And by the way, I'm hosting the 32nd edition of the Carnival of Family Life on Monday. If you would like to submit a post related to family life please send it to this link here by midnight Saturday night.

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ME Strauss said...

Gosh, you beat me!
I woke up this morning and here you are. Tonight is when I'm writing all about you.

Thank you for this. It's so lovely.

BTW, it was like I said. You DID turn out to be a VERY high point in my day. I knew you would. It would have been that way on any day of the week, any day of the year.

Thank for talking with me.


Erica said...

Read and duly noted, looking forward to January.

figur8 said...

Thanks! Great ideas! I might try that for January, too!

K T Cat said...

Your blog is a great read! Thanks for the tip from Liz, too.

local girl said...

I'll definitely be checking out her site. Thanks for the tip. I'll be back for the carnival!