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Thirteen Lucky Predictions for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Darren Rowse at Problogger has another group writing project calling for year-end reviews or 2007 predictions. It may give you an idea of how classy our household is to say this is the hottest topic of conversation today. Here's the consensus:

1. Dumbledore's dead. Not coming back, period. Get that straight.

2. But having said that, he's going to do what worked for Ben Kenobi and Gandalf and find a way to transcend the mortal-immortal road blocks and communicate with Harry. This could be by the holographic image, the dream sequence, or something more tangible like leaving Harry a letter, a book, a will, or--as my daughter Grace suggests--the pensieve.

3. Harry is coming back to Hogwarts. Whatever he might have sneakily led you to believe, he's going back and will be there bright and early for year number seven as will his friends.

4. However, I expect he'll not be attending as your typical student. I expect he'll be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. It's literarily complete and satisfying.

5. The house elves will be called on to help in the fight against Voldemort and will play a role--perhaps not pivotal, but most likely critical. Maybe Hermione will have some satisfaction at that point.

6. The Weasley twins will get filthy rich, if not during this book, eventually and Percy Weasley will continue to be a thorn in the Weasley side.

7. Inevitably, a character will die. I'm a little less certain on who it will be, but Ron and Hermione are safe for sure. It'll be someone like Nevil--though I hope not. One of the Weasleys is a likely target too. I feel bad to put it in writing, but Mr. Weasley gets my vote as Most Likely To Die In The Next Harry Potter Novel.

8. Nevil Longbottom, my personal favorite, will have his chance to shine. I don't mean to imply that Voldemort will be conquered by a vicious herbal remedy but The Boy Who Was Almost Somebody will have his day in the sun. I used to think he'd hook up with Luna but I'm beginning to think he'll eventually be Minister of Magic. He will help Harry find the horcruxes or help destroy them or something along those vague lines.

9. And of course, Hermione will eventually (though probably not during the course of the novel) be Headmistress of Hogwarts. Ron will be an Auror. Harry might pull a Frodo and retire without renown, his future is hazier to me.

10. Tonks and Lupin will tie the wizard's knot. About time Lupin had something go his way.

11. Peter Petrigrew, the resident Gollum character, will justify Harry's mercy by helping the boy wizard out before the end. "There is some good left in him, I can feel it!" No, wait, that's Luke Skywalker's line. But it works nonetheless.

12. Snape is good and will prove himself before the end. To believe that Snape is with Voldemort is to believe Dumbledore to be an idiot and that doesn't work for me. I have to stick with Albus on this one and say Snape's good and true and will show it before the end.

13. And most importantly, Harry will live. Voldemort won't. Wouldn't be marketable as a tragedy, so it's a literary must.

Questions I have for you: What are the remaining horcruxes? Godric Griffindor's sword? That's too obvious perhaps.

Will the origins of Harry's mysterious fortune be revealed? How on earth did a ding-a-ling like James Potter amass such a horde?

Who are Harry's grandparents? I'd be surprised if this was discussed but it ought to be, where are those people? What happened to them? Why weren't they ever an issue in Harry's upbringing?

And finally, what is it that will be revealed about Petunia Dursley? There's something there. Is she just a squib? Or just an extremely vicious squib. Maybe Vernon will die and she'll remarry Filch and settle down at the castle.

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strugglingwriter said...

Excellent post. I have one question for you. How will J.K. Rowling avoid revisiting these characters if Harry Potter lives?

scribbit said...

Once the story is over, it's over--and I think she'd want to end sometime.

snarflemarfle said...

I am so with you on so many points! I just know snape is going to be good and while I'm having a hard time with Dumbledore being dead, I know he'll find some way to contact Harry.

My husband thinks that one of the horcruxes is in Harry. It could certainly explain how the two are so linked.

I just love this series and I can't wait until my son is old enough to understand them. How fun!

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

Maybe once the last book comes out JK Rowling will answer all of our questions...especially the one about the money and possible grandparents.

Actually I need to go back to the beginning and read each book again...

Doug said...

Harry will be saved from Voldemort by Ron and Hermione sacrificing themselves for Harry. Much like his parents love for him saved him the first time, his friends' love for him will save him the second time.

Sandy said...

Ooohhh...Doug may be onto something there, although I'd hate to see those two die.

I'm not so sure about Snape being good. I'm not sure exactly how he'd redeem himself at this point.

scribbit said...

I think Snape had some kind of arrangement with Dumbledore. Plus, if he is bad, he could have killed Harry other times. One thing I forgot to mention is that I think Draco will turn around in the end and not become a Death eater, will leave them or whatever. He's not totally awful yet like his father. But maybe I'm too naive and that there still have to be some bad guys left. Not every one can be a closet good guy.

Loralee Choate said...

I agree with you. However, I am still not sure about Dumbeldore for one big reason: Fawks the Phoenix. It dies and rises from the ashes.

dawn said...

Although I know who Harry Potter is (I don't live in a vacuum), I have (sadly) never read one of the books.

Happy TT

Jacob Hahn said...

I think that Harry's invisible cloak is a horcrux which is why Dumbledore had it after James died.

allysha said...

ah- so interesting. I think you have some good predictions in there- I am anxiously awaiting the next installment, that's for sure!

Amy W said...

I can't wait for book Seven...

Anonymous said...

I never really gave much thought to Harry's grandparents. Yes, I'd like to know mroe about them.

From my random conspiracy theory contribution, I think Harry himself is a horcrux and that is why he will have to die at the end of the book.

And the idea of Neville becoming the minister of magic is absolutely marvelous. I'm going with it.

Carinne said...

For Snape to be evil would make him the bigger villian than Voldemort in many ways and that doesn't fit. JK Rowling has said that 2 main characters are going to die. I think Snape will be one fo them. Whether or not he's good he'll die. I also think Neville is a good candidate for sacrifice, and so is Hagrid. I really doubt that Ron, Hermione and Harry will die. She's not writing a tragedy and to kill anyone of those off would make it such. Melanie and I have discussed this book at length. I think the sorting hat could most likely be a horicrux, so could the sword. I really think that the last one will be found at Hogwarts.

Harry can't be a horicrux though because Voldemort spent years hiding them to ensure his immortality and that changed his appearence. This was all well before Harry was born.

I've also think that NEville's parents will be healed and NEville will most likely save the day. I think that Neville still could be the one that the prophecy is about and in the end he's the one who brings down Voldemort and could possibly die in the process.

That's some of my thoughts

scribbit said...

I agree that Harry couldn't be a horcrux, and I expect that several of them could be found at Hogwarts because I think the majority of the story will happen there. Hagrid's a good candidate, and I agree that Snape's going to die. You make a good case for that.

Erica said...

Fab post, can't wait to find out.

Ni Yachen said...

Snape is evil. Rowlings has to have Harry show mercy to someone really bad and it can not be Voldemort. Personally, I want Snape to be bad because . . . he is bad and a meany too.

But don't worry lots of people are going to die; McGonagall, Mrs. Weasley, Percy (only way he will be redeamed), one twin, Hagrid, and probably Ginny. It war dang it!

scribbit said...

Wow, you've got it up to a regular bloodbath.

Have a hard time seeing Ginny die, Harry's lost a lot of friends and that would be too much.

I personally feel really sorry for Snape, after that pensieve scene where James Potter teased him so mercilessly I've never liked James as much and have felt a lot of pitty for Snape. He's had it tough, tougher than Harry. Plus, he's so embittered by his hatred of the Potters he can't see straight. And Harry IS a teenage boy--I don't care how loveable he is, Harry's been really irritating the last couple books with his teenage angst eating him up.

Anjali said...

Wow. I'm so impressed that you can remember so many details from the last book. Thanks for the recap! I can't wait for the book.

Waya said...

I can't wait for the book, and I don't remember half of the details from the last book but I really do hope that Dumbledore is still alive.

Ashish Mohta said...

they got to bring a change in story.Its getting bored all the time same fighting stuff.

I also got entry in darrens project.

And i am feeding your blog.There wont be another chance to meet so many bloggers

Merry Christmas

Lauri said...

I'm so glad other adults are into these books! My thoughts - Dumbledore trusted Snape, so either Dumbledore was wrong (which can't be right)- or Snape is good, or at least very conflicted. I think the death was either planned or a trick. (Wouldn't it be interesting if Snape is the one to save Harry!)

I have no clue about the grandparents, but I always thought the magic community could have contributed to the HP orphan fund after his parents were killed - mainly out of gratitude that Voldemort was gone.

Amy The Black said...

I have been thinking about Harry's grandparents, too. On his father's side. How is it that James and Lilly were so rich? My BIG contribution to the conspiracy is that I believe that Lilly died before James, and that James was probably getting rid of one of the Horcrux's. That's how the Dark Lord became so weak and could not kill Harry.

Anonymous said...

I think that most of these commets so far are outlandish, NEVILLE is SO STUPID, he has no chance what so ever of becoming the Minster of Magic.

Anonymous said...

I think that one of the Wesal twins are going to die, from who I don't know but one of them I am sure are going to die.


I think the r.a.b is Regulas Black, the book never mentioned his middle name. But Slughorn said that Regulus Black was not a vary smart kid. But I also know that he was a death eater and that he was going to tell dumby what he knew and on the way he bumped into Voldemort and voldemort killed him

Anonymous said...

how can he teach Defense Against the Dark Arts and fight Voldemort at the same time?

i think the thing Hagrid overheard Dumbledore and Snape arguing over Dumbledor wanting Snape to kill him so Voldemort will fully trust him while he is still truly on the good side.

scribbit said...

Harry can do it the same way he did it when he was teaching it with the D.A. club. Plus, Dumbledore didn't seem to have a problem holding down a job while fighting the forces of evil. So I'm gonna stick with it, Harry teaches Def Against the Dark Arts next year.

As for Regulus Black, a good suggestion. The Blacks are always good for some plot twists.

And Neville is NOT stupid. I resent that :) You sound like a Anonymous Slytherin. I stand by it, Neville will find a chance for greatness, he just lacks confidence because everyone thinks he's a git. (I love that word, I wish it was used on this side of the Atlantic because it's so darn descriptive).

DaisyMae Maus said...

Oooo ... I'm so excited about the content of your post! Love the books ... love the films. I will miss them terribly when #7 is finished.

What? Cats can be fans of Harry Potter! Feline American Pumpkin even dressed as HP for Hallowe'en 2006!

Rebecca said...

That is a great Thursdaya 13! Loved it!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the person who said R.A.B is Regulus Black. Also I believe that we already know where the real Horcrux is. I believe that it is in the house of black and it is being kept by Kreacher now. This is because in the fifth book (HP and the Order of the Phoenix) while they are cleaning out the House of Black they meantion a lot of things that have been tossed away one of the things they meantion is "A heavy locket that none of them could open" I think it is possible that this could be Slytherin's locket and the true Horcrux. Also they meantion how it was tossed out with the rest of the trash, but that does not mean that it was not saved by Kreacher, because throughout the chapter Kreacher is sneaking around and "saving" things from being tossed. When Harry returns to the House of Black for Christmas they visit Kreacher's room and the book says how he had a pile of things saved up from the purge of the house. One of those things might be the locket.

Also one last comment I have to make is there is a rumour that Regulus Black's middle name is Arturius (or something like that I can't remember very well) and it was said by someone close to JKR. Anyway tell me if you think I'm on the right track with the location of the real Horcrux (I am only guessing here, but I like to think that it is a good guess).

scribbit said...

Oh I think you may have the best comment so far--everything sounds very possible.

You have a good memory for details, I'd forgotten about the locket and Kreacher in general.

Megan said...

I dont think harry or the hat is a horcruxes but theirs a good chance that the locket the "threw out" well cleaning the house is the real missing locket.

Also its been menchoined on some other blogs that the 2 way mirroirs come back..possible connexion of Harry and Dumbledor? Can only wait and see. I belive ron and hermoine will become engaged and i dout will become sacrafices but mabey...Ginny?
Let me know if im on the right track.

Anonymous said...

I believe that there is a reason for draco's hesitancy to kill dumbledore in half blood prince. he lets out that hes only doing it because voldemort threatened to kill his family. i think there is good in draco, even though he is a bit of a snot. i think he may have something to do with the prophecy-it said that voldemort would mark the mystery person as his equal- that could well mean the dark mark that he burned into draco-thats one theory i thought about...though i dont know if he was born at the end of july or if his parents thrice defied voldemort, but i still think its a possibility that he might kill voldemort in the end.

Anonymous said...

Could the Weeping willow be a Horcrux? Or Godric Gryfindor's sword 'cos when Harry and Dumbeldore went into the pensieve and Voldemort was asking for a teaching job Harry said that he saw his wand move in his pocket.I really hope that Ron and Hermione get together but i think that Ginny will sacrifice herself for Harry and i also think that Neville was the one that the prophecy was talking about not Harry and i think that he'll also die in the next book. I certainly hope not but i have a feeling.

Doc Thelma said...

Another possibility for the locket is that it is in the possession of Mundungus Fletcher, who was shown to be steaking items from the Black house in HBP.

I think Neville will play a critical role, though perhaps not a large one, reminiscient of his role in the first book when his 10 points, though small in comparison to the others' made the difference in the victory of good (Gryffindor) over evil (Slytherin).

As far as deaths go, I thing Hagrid's a goner (sniff!). I predict Neville will sacrifice not his life but his hard-won magical powers, but wind up teaching herbology as a squib at Hogwarts, with Trevor by his side.

baby221 said...

As far as James and money goes -- he was an Auror, but that's a bit like a cop so it probably doesn't pull much. I'm going to go with simply the fact that he comes from a pureblood family that's probably got "old money" lying around. Failing that, he's friends with Sirius Black, and the Blacks are an established, fabulously rich family -- given the fallout between Sirius and his parents, it's not inconceivable that he took what was his to take and split it with his childhood friend.

Anonymous said...

I think that if Voldemort gets defeated at last, Bellatrix Lestrange will follow in Voldemort's footsteps and collect follows and start a new war.

scribbit said...

Let's see if I can summarize the last few comments:

About James' family being pureblood old money? That's a good point and very possible. I like it and it makes sense.

About Mundungus holding a horcrux? Possible but is it possible for good to triumph with a twit like Mundungus "helping" you out? Gosh I hope he's not got it, there may be little hope for our hero if that's the case.

I still think Ginny will survive. It would be too much for poor Harry.

And Neville's contribution to the final cause may be like his contribution of points to winning the house cup--a very good point.

And can I say that that part is my second favorite part of the whole series so far? My absolute favorite being when the Weasley twins tear out of Hogwarts for the last time. I can't wait to see that scene in the movie.

Carinne, you mentioned that you think Neville might be the one the prophecy is about? That Harry was a mistake? I think that's very possible/likely too. I like the way it would work literarily speaking. Irony and all that.

I too think there is good left in Draco and that he'll help the good guys in the end.

Anonymous said...

I believe the two-way mirror that Sirius gave Harry in book five to communicate with,will have a significant role in the seventh book. Also, J.K. has made it very clear that the rumors about Harry being a horcrux are NOT TRUE.

Anonymous said...

who is RAB?
Regelus Alfred Black maybe?
Alfred is the name of his uncle.He would know about the horcruxes..his family was deep into dark arts.he would know all about says he died coz he got cold other words disobeying orders.
RAB said that he would die trying to return voldy mortal again.coincidently regelus is dead.

Anonymous said...

snape is good.
hagrid overheard snape and ddore having a heated argument.Snape said that he 'did not want to do it anymore'-even thou he had agreed to. but ddore insisted that snape had to follow threw with his promise.snape agrees to do something and ddore was angry coz snape desided that he did not want to do it.harry interprited this to be investigating Malfoy(due to the time of the argument).it could have been that snape did not want to kill ddore, but ddore insisted that snape had to follow threw with the unbreakable vow.hence they planned ddore's death.

snape had to tell ddore about the vow.and snape had to make the vow to regain trust within the death eaters.

also remember that pettigrew will pay back ddore put it pettigrew is in harry's det.and ddore should be right coz then it will add more wizdom to his character..if you know what i mean.

and sorry R.A.B-Regelus Alfred Black theory is was a death eater(he could have gained th knowledge of a couple horcruxes somehow.he turned traitor.and died.he most probably could have 'figured out the dark lords secrets'(horcruxes).and died trying to destroy them.

its just a thought.why not?makes sense?

A Reader from India said...


I was googling for predictions on what would happen in 'The Deathly Hallows' and came upon your blog. Enjoyed reading your predictions that have analyzed the books in depth. Most of them seem likely, though I simply cannot imagine Petunia at Hogwarts!

Personally I think there might be a big twist in the climax. Like Snape was the red herring in Book 1 while no one suspected Quirrel, and Wormtail was the real culprit instead of Sirius Black in Book 3.

Liked your posts on Alaska very much. I was in Anchorage for a short time last year on a work assignment, it was an incredible experience visiting your beautiful state.

Best Regards,

scribbit said...

Good to hear from India--with my parents moving to Bangalore in June and our plans to go visit them in two years it's a place we're dreaming of frequently.

Anonymous said...

I think Draco will be kills by Voldemort for some reason. I agree when you all say Snape will go good. I think Snape will end up saving Harry.

Dumbeldore is a mistery. However, I think he may come back.

Neville I think will also have a major role in this last book.

Ashley said...

K well I didn't read everyone's thoughts but has anyone thought that Dumbledore's portrait in the Headmaster's office might be the answer to how Dumbledore is going to communicate with Harry, like those portraits seem to have quite a lot of free will.... I also have proof that snape isn't on Voldemort's side, in the first book when Harry's broom is jinxed by Quirll Snape counter-cursed it, he could've just let Harry fall to his death wouldn't anybody having a reason to blame him. Also in the 5th Snape could've given away the where abouts of the Order of the Phoneix, allowing voldemort access to the order, Aurors, and Harry. Thats my theory :)

scribbit said...

Yes, you're right. I've thought the same thing about the portraits.

And I agree about Snape, there were too many chances for him to have killed Harry for him to be bad.

Dumbledore just can't be proven to be an idiot, Snape has to be good.

Aaron said...

I hope that Harry dies. He always has to "save the day" and crap. I want Ron and Neville to save Harry for once.

Spence said...

I have a few comments, as well as a few questions.

You said that Dumbledore will find some way of contacting Harry. Well, clearly he can contact him through the portraits of past headmasters, as they can speak (although if Harry doesen't remain at Hogwarts, that may be a problem)

I am very confused by the Snape good/evil situation. It would be very easy to believe that Snape was evil, considering how hateful he has been throughout the years. But there is the aspect that Dumbledore trusted him, and nobody wants Dumbledore to be played the fool. However, this may just be J.K Rowlings' way of making humanizing Dumbledore, considering he seems to be untouchable and undefeatable. She may have felt the need in writing the sixth book to make the readers recognize that Dumbledore was not undefeatable and not always right. So if that's the case, Dumbledore could very well have been completely wrong about Snape and he dies.

On the other hand, at the beginning of the sixth book, Snape makes the Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa Malfoy, in which he agrees to complete Malfoy's "task"(to kill Dumbledore) if Malfoy fails to do so. As it is shown in the novel, by breaking the Unbreakable Vow, you die. So, Snape could very well just be saving himself. Which leaves him being selfish and a coward, but not altogether "evil"(on Voldemort's side)

The only problem with that theory, however, is that in the ending of the book, right before Snape kills Dumbledore, it says that he gave him a look of "pure hatred". Which would most likely not happen is Snape was merely selfish, and on the "good side".

I could go on for a while, but I'll end this now, because I'm in school in L.A, and am supposed to be working on a project. My two questions are kind of tedious, but I want to know the answers anyways.

1. They have made it perfectly clear that you can't apparate/disapparate on/in Hogwarts grounds, but it says in the sixth book that the house elves do so in the Griffyndor Common Room. How can they do that? Do they apparate/ disapparate in a different way, and so the spell doesen't affect them? If so, couldn't Voldemort just use house elves to do his bidding inside Hogwarts if he had wanted to? Instead of doing all the other desperate things he has done over the years?

2. Why didn't Dumbledore just take the water from the basin in which the Horcrux was held, scoop it up in the cup and then just throw it away? Why/ How did he know it had to be drank? Would the basin just simply not drain, and stay filled no matter how much liquid you scooped out?

3. There was an invisible barrier, preventing Harry and Dumbledore from simply sticking their hand in the basin and taking the horcrux, however it allowed a hand with the cup (assuming the person holding the cup was going to drink the water). So why wouldn't Dumbledore/Harry simply reach in and scoop up the locket with the cup to remove it?

4. Dumbledore being one of the greatest wizards of all time should certainly be able to perform wandless/silent incantations (espescially if Hermione can. So why didn't Dumbledore either summon his wand in his head or perform wandless incantations? He has before in the prescence of Harry, just used his hands for magic. It really doesesn't seem like Dumbledore should be able to be defeated simply by an "Expelliarmus" charm, and make no effort to fight back....Perhaps it's another one of J.K Rowling's way of humanizing him? Irony of sort? To kill him with a simple charm such as that?

If anyone has any ideas as to answers of these, can you please respond? Thanks.

scribbit said...

Spence, you're asking for opinions so here goes:

I agree with you about Snape killing Dumbledore because of Malfoy and the Unbreakable Vow. I think that's what happened (and I've only read the 6th book once and that was when it first came out while I've read the others several times so my memory of details isn't as good as yours) because it makes sense.

However, I think Dumbledore knew it all. I think he was aware of the dangers, had the power to stop things but let the events play out for some higher purpose not yet revealed. It's kind of like (and I hate to keep going back to the Star Wars parallels but . . . ) when Obi Wan let Darth Vader kill him. He raised his light saber and let it happen, presumably because it was "for the best" and he became more powerful. I think it's like this for Dumbledore and that he's going to be a presence in the last book. Someone who's there to help Harry and figure things out with him, then someone to let Harry go off and do the physical tasks of destroying the horcruxes.

I agree with several comments about Dumbledore talking to Harry through the portraits, I'd thought that made sense as well. Doesn't Dumbledore say at one point in Book 3 that "as long as there are people who are loyal to me I'll never completely leave Hogwarts" or something to that effect?

Anonymous said...

alright...all these posts are great points. its so hard to cover all the bases..SO many different details.
1) wheres sirius? he is dead i think but whats behind the curtain really? and will the department of mysteries come back into play?
2) Harry himself cannot be a horcrux...voldemort already had his horcruxes before he tried to kill him. plus why would he seek out a random boy to instill part of his soul?and hes repeatedly tried to kill him.
3) i still think snapes good...i believe at the end of book 6 when he scoffs at harry "blocked again and again until you learn to close you mind and your mouth" is really a veiled warning..a kind of last advice..

Lauren said...

Some very interesting comments on this board. I think firstly, that Snape will communicate with Harry through the mirrors or some other way, but Harry won't know it's Snape. I think Snape most likely be good, but Harry won't be convinced of this, so he will have to communicate to Harry anonymously. Also, towards the end of the 6th book, Dumbledore tells Harry that Voldemort created his worst enemy, so he chose Harry over Neville. So Neville can't be who the prophecy is talking about, like Dumbledore said, Harry could choose to walk away and not try to kill Voldemort, but he doesn't because The dark lord has done too much in Harry's past to stir up enough revenge so that Harry doesn't need the prophecy to kill him. The real locket, being in Grimmauld Place makes a lot of sense. And I was wondering if the portrait of Dumbledore in his office could contribute wise opinions and information to Harry. And, what is Neville's Toad is R.A.B. or who I believe to be Regulas Black

Lauren said...

Oh nevermind about the dumbledore portrait comment, i can see you have already pretty much answered me

Anonymous said...

I think that Harry is a Horcrux because Voldemort didn't mean him to live. He probably accidently did it even though it seem like a difficult thing to do accidentally.

Harry's mom might still be alive because Harry couldn't see the thestrals until after he saw Cedric die so that means that harry's mom couldn't've died because he was in the room.

Regulas A. Black is R.A.B. because he is the only one that has the initials in the books, and Jo said herself that the person with those initials has already been introduced some where in one of the other books.

I think that Harry becomes the next DADA teacher at hogwarts because no other teacher would take the job and scrimigour is not dimb enough to put in another "Umbridge" spy into the school.

Harry will get help defeating all the horcruxes with the help of Dumbledore (from a portrait in the headmasters room) ande from snape anonymosly. If harry knew that it was snape he wouldn't trust him. Harry has to die at the end because hes a horcrux and Rowling would want the series to have any loose ends that dy-hard fans would beg her to tie up in successing books. The last chaptor is about the survivers after the death of Harry and Voldemort.

Ron and Hermione will become engaged, hermione will become headmisstris of hogwarts, Mr. weasley will become the minister for magic (making the weasley rich, malfot will have died, and ginny will have married neville.

Anonymous said...

RAB.. it has to be two people.. one was under 17 when the horcrux was found.. so it would be: someone AND someone.. i have a feeling the the names in the first book that harry read of the chocolate frog cards will get tied in somehow..

ddore is dead! and it showed us that even the best of wizards are wrong sometime.. snape i would like to think is evil but that a hazey topic for me.

people who die: there are not that many options left because..well.. so many of harrys friends and family have died.. 1. i think hagrid is a gonna and that snape or draco.( could we see voldemort as a main character?? 2. i thaink that moony and worntail.. lupin and petigrew will die.. te four great friends..

whoever said that godrics sword is a horcrux has not been paying any attention because it was found (by harry) after voldemort was defeated. 7 horcruxes: 1 the diary (destroyed), 2 the ring(destroyed), 3 the locket(might have been destroyed or is the house of black, 4 hufilpufs cup(unknown), 5 nagini the snake (unknown), 6 totaly unkown, 7 in voldemort.

i think that maybe the thought about the dreams contact was very good.. has anyone thought that maybe harry potter is not a conspiracy???

Iknowall said...

I have a ton I can say about the series! I love Harry Potter!!

First, Dumbledore is dead. But i think he has a will which would give harry the pensive and prob a letter saying "if your reading this then i have died" but i believe wisdom can be spoken to harry from dumbledores portrait in Hogwarts in the Head masters office.

Second, What about Serius Black?? No body, just disappeared? sounds a little fishy to me.

Thrid, Snape is Evil and i think he will be one of the main characters to die. He is the half blood prince that septr... curse was pretty bad and he was good at occumency, he deff bad and i think he needs to die.

Harry cannot die because "one can not live while the other survives" If voldermort lives then everyone will die because harry is the only one who can kill him.

Harry will call everyone from dumbledores army to unite, like the sorting hat said in the 5th book they are stonger united, united they will kill all the horcrux. We know they got riddles diary the ring and the necklace( RAB) I the rest to be the snake, the hufflepuff cup, and something like the sword from gryindor. I believe once harry figures Out who RAB is (Regulis Black is my guess) some of the horcrux may already be found and distroyed sercertly.
Malfoy isnt Evil but is to scared to back out now.
Petenia advantage could just be her muggle heritage, think about it Voldmort was living as a muggle before technolgy what it is today, he has no idea what an ipod is and would not have anidea if video camera's were set up secertly to spy, he wouldnt stop them because he wouldnt even realize. i think that is why the real minister is mentioned in the beginning of book 6 because that can be an advantage.

I dont know who's going to die but i doubt Harry, but this is a war so some people we dont want to die will die.

Iknowall said...

Ashley, on the Snape thing. Snape tells Mrs. Malfoy that he couldnt just let Harry die for a number of reasons, one being he was curious about Harry and having heard half of the propecy, make sense why. he goes on to say that he cannot tell where the order meets because of magic. i also read that he may be good because of the heated discussion hagrid over heard... that is convincing although they could have been fighting about anything... spying on Draco, Voldemort... he could have claimed not to want to spy on voldomort anymore... either way i hate him and i cant wait until he dies. Why did Ddore hav james clock.. maybe he took it away while he was at school and regreted it..

Aimee said...

I currently re-read all the novels this week...and i realized something important. Book one makes a mention that Harry's mom's Wand was good at charms (it is also said that Harry's father's wand was good at transformation.) Now, Harry's Father's wand has been used (hello, use to turn his friends into animals), BUT we have heard nothing about Harry's mother's wand. I think the last Horcuxes is Harry's mother's wand (i mean come on, what happened to it? where is it? Neville had his father's wand... so clearly they are still around somewhere)

But totally, I think Black is the RAB. I think that is why he was killed.

Marvin said...

This is a wonderful blog and I am anticipating the next book (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) without patience. I am 15 and have read the first four books each twelve times, the 5th and 6th around four times now. i absolutely love the series.The predictions in this blog all seem to be possible and tie in to the story. My belief is that, as snarflemarfle says, one of the horcruxes exists inside Harry and that will be the main focus of the next book. Your daughters idea that Dumbledore has left the pensieve for Harry seems to be the perfect solution. i respectively disagree that dumbledore will be able to talk to Harry or give him advice after he is dead. (he is dead and not coming back (as you said).)I believe it likely that he planned his death and left Harry advice and guidance. Along these lines Dumbledore is to smart to be fooled by Voldemort or snape. it would also not tie in with the moral if dumbledore was hoodwinked by snape or dumbledore... it would show that love and trust made him vulnerable. Also dumbledore hinted many times that there are many things worse than death. he would gladly give his life to make peace and be rid of Voldemort.

not done yet maybe add more later... please comment or tell me if ive got something wrong.

Scribbit said...

Marvin, I don't know that I'm the expert here but thanks for the comment.

I think Harry really can't be a horcrux because, as someone pointed out, Voldemort planted them well before the issue with the curse bouncing back ever happened. I don't think that would work.

However, I agree about Snape being good. I've always felt it and know that the themes, as you say, wouldn't work without him being a good character. After thinking more about it since I first posted these predictions, I feel pretty sure Snape will die (along with Voldemort) and that Harry will have to learn to trust him before the end comes. Snape will prove himself eventually.

Rainen said...

I don't even know if you're still reading this column, but I figured I'd toss in my two cents anyhow. This might be rather long... apologies.

1. Agree

2. I like the pensieve idea. Also an option would be something similar to the 'priori incatatum' spell, but this time with the room in the dept. of mysteries. Harry will get a visit from many of his past mentors and loved ones through the veil. I'm not so sure anything quite so trite as an Obi-Wan style resurrection will occur, but then I've been wrong before...

3/4. I like the idea of Harry coming back, but I think it would be more of a base of operations for the Order, more so than school. Classes would be offered, especially from Harry in practical DADA.

5. Agree.

6. Agree, though Gred and Forge are fast approaching this point already, what with dragonskin clothing. I think Percy will manage redemption, but not without a major sacrifice.

7. Ron gets my vote for death. It will upset me, but I think it makes the book much more believable. As someone stated, it IS war. While not a COMPLETE bloodbath, for these three who've been through so much to survive the entire thing would be somewhat unbelievable. Either that, or a LOT of more minor 'major characters' will perish.

8. I vote for Neville finishing off Bellatrix. Revenge for him.

9. I hadn't considered Hermione for Headmistress. I like the idea of her running St. Mungo's, as it seems in her nature, but Headmistress does as well. Problem is, I feel like her stern attitude might conflict with some of the moods that Rowling has set up in her book, especially around Hogwarts...

10. Agree, even if it's a very minor occasion in the book.

11. Agree. Rowling herself has said that Pettigrew's life-debt to Harry will play a part in the final installment.

12. Agree. I think it will be a mite more complicated than just switching sides (again...), but he will eventually vindicate himself.

13. Agree, though on wishy washy grounds...

moving on...

1) Gaunt Family Ring
2) Slytherin's Locket (to be found at Grimmauld Place?)
3) Diary
4) Hufflepuff's Cup
5) Something of Ravenclaw's
6) Something yet to be introduced, perhaps an artifact from Voldemort's travels indicating his power over ALL wizardkind, not simply Great Britain. Perhaps even Nagini, as suggested in book 6. There are only six, as Voldemort needs a bit of his soul for himself.

I do NOT think Harry is a horcrux. This would make too many other pivotal ideas in the book falter. For example: the end of book 1, Harry would have had issues being so selfless in getting the stone from the mirror; the end of book 5, Voldemort's painful possession of Harry makes no sense; Books 1-4, Harry's protection through his skin not only to Voldemort but also to any who follow him; I'm sure there are some more...

Next, Rowling has stated in interviews that more about Harry's parents, their lives, and occupations will be revealed, which should help. It could also be family gold, as Harry's grandparents must be dead. I think it is safe to assume that Harry would have spent his childhood with them instead of the Dursleys, had they been alive. We know they are not wizard and witch, or they would not have had a daughter like Petunia (unlikely...), nor would Lily have been a muggle-born.

As for Petunia, I think she is magic free, not a squib. I don't think any of the Dursley's will kick it, but I do think Petunia will show herself, as she did in book 5 (kitchen scene, first few chapters) to be Lily's true sister. There is more to her and Harry's situation with the Dursleys than previously stated. Whether or not Rowling will find that important enough to address is quite interesting.

A few final thoughts:

In regards to Snape's redemption, I wonder if Dumbledore's murder wasn't a planned last resort, should Draco succeed and refuse to go into hiding. There is a scene in book 6 wherein Dumbledore insists to Snape, "You must!" when Snape claims he will not. It could be the last remaining order that Dumbledore had for Snape, both saving Harry and Malfoy as well as enabling Snape to keep Voldemort's confidence for a long while before he does indeed choose his side final. A thought...

Spence's questions:

1) House elves magic is, as stated in book two, a very different 'brand' from that of humans. Furthermore, Fawkes can seem to appear and disappear within grounds. Also, the 'apparition' does not go from the inside to the outside of the grounds or vice versa, perhaps a caveat to the rule. Also, Voldemort has a great lack of trust and appreciation for 'lesser forms', such as house elves, and would never use them for his plans. The plan in book 5 is Malfoy's, not Voldemort's.

2) I'm sure Voldemort, as the world's leading dark sorcerer, would have made a caveat that the would-be thief drink the water, not simply throw it away. Remember: this isn't a computer program or some other such worldly concoction, but a magical spell. Implications are many and far-reaching, but after all, magic can do many MANY things we normal humans cannot conceive. Kind of a cop-out, but if you look carefully, there are small moments like this in almost every book, which are more easily attributed to magic. Think of the mirror of erised: How can it see past people's immediate desires into their soul? And how can Dumbledore create a spell to give the stone not just to someone who WANTS the stone more than anything, but also wants it, but doesn't want to USE it? I'd imagine even J. K. Rowling would espouse the idea that magic at that level is somewhat of a mystery even to those who create it, much like extremely complex computer codes have to be relearned by those who create them if something goes wrong.

3) See 2. Voldemort MUST have made accomodations for this type of trickery.

4) This one is a bit tricky, but see if you agree or not. First off, To my knowledge, "wandless" incantations do not occur in the book, at least not with any control. Regardless of whether or not you can SEE the wand, I don't believe any actual magic occurs without the wand being near or on the body of the person doing magic. The only instances I can think of are Harry's uncontrollable impulses as a child, which certainly would not help Dumbledore, or even be within his grasp anymore. Furthermore, all instances of quasi-wandless magic are quite simple and modest, for example, changing pictures on banners, lighting candles. Even something as simple as using a pensieve requires the use of a wand.

As for silent incantations, they all seem to be spells used in an unspoken manner, not something that requires no wand.

As an example, Dumbledore had his wand out as he rode to his death, de-enchanting the entrance to Hogwarts. All of the magic done in the climactic battle of book 5 uses wands, even dumbledore and Voldemort. Voldemort is simply much less powerful without his wand. All his most complex magic is done with one (save potions, mind you), and until his wand is recovered, he cannot do anything at all to help himself.

I'm half of the belief that simply because wands are necessary makes them critical, or they would be abandoned. Something as complicated as summoning a small piece of wood from an unknown location at midnight in a stressful situation in the balance of which hangs your life seems to require more help than a simple wandless incantation can provide.

The ONLY example of any such thing I can remember is Harry's lighting of his own wand as it is several feet away from his fingertips, though still quite near his body. I can't quite remember the location.

Hope that helps, spence.

So there are my two cents. If you'd like to email me, my email is Feel free to send responses there, as I will likely be unable to find this blog again to see the responses.

Rainen said...

wow that was quite long, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1. I also agree Dumbledore is dead for many reasons. 1. JKR said she will not be pulling any Lord of the Rings stuff and 2. Everyone that dies in the Harry Potter series really dies unless they become a ghost. But it is my belief that dumbledore is not the type of wizard that would stay behind.
2. I believe as someone said before Dumbledore will have a will, where he will indeed leave his possessions that will help Harry fight Voldermort, like the pensive and maybe even Fawlkes? If he did not die when dumbledore did because the HBP6 suggest it, I believe.

3& 4.I believe Mrs. Weasley, amoung many other characters will have an effect on Harry which makes him return to Hogwarts. I believe McGonil will open up to Harry and help him prepare while he is there, along with most of the other teachers. I also believe that he will not stay the entire time because some event will happen??? Like discovering the next Horcrux. I think he will also re-unit some DA members because he cannot defeat Voldermort along-love will bring him through this, the love from his Friends!

5. I do believe the House elves will have some role with in helping Harry succeed. How I am not positive but I think they will help him some how.

6. The Weasley twins will not only get filthy rich, the Malfoys will become dirt poor. What goes around comes around. I also believe Ron’s dad will receive a promotion some how if in fact he does not die. I’m not sure who will die but everyone is on my list except Harry. The twins have already sold objects to the ministry for use against dark magic. I believe they have some more tricks up their selves and this will not be the last we see of them. Percy is way to proud to join forces with his family.

7. Now death is a touchy subject. Im not sure who will die but I don’t think Harry will. Its either Harry or Voldermort right? One cannot live while the other survives. If that is true then Harry must defeat him… This is not a tragedy per say it’s science fiction.. Harry is our hero. Look at it this way, Superman, Batman and Spiderman never die because they cant die they have to fight off the Lex Luthers of there world and Harry has to fight Voldermort. I believe anyone is at risk besides Harry because Harry must kill him in order for everyone else to survive too. If Harry dies Voldermort lives which in return will ruin life for the whole wizarding community and the muggles as well. In someone elses blog some one wrote that Harry could use his muggle past in order to defeat Voldemort because Voldermort doesn’t know anything about recent tech. I think that rather interesting but very doubtful, but it would be cool for them to strap a tiny camera to an owl or a house elf??

8. Neville will shine and I think it will have to do with his talents in Herbolgy. I think him killing Beltrix is a pretty cool thought but I’m not sre if he is capable since he is not as skilled as she is. She did kill Serious.

9. Hermonie will deff do something but Headmistress belongs to McGongal. Ron prob an auror but I’m not positive. Ron and Hermione will deff hook up thou, im thinking after the wedding.

10. Tonk and Lupin are deff hooking up.

11. Peter will help harry some way, which I cannot think of how maybe the camera thing on him. I don’t know actually I’ll have to wait to figure that one out.

12. Now Snape?? Okay, Snape is a total Asshole. I have always disliked Snape and have had bad feelings about him. So I believe Snape is evil. But I also believe it would have been hard to trick Dumbledore, so I’m very unsure. If snape is good I think he will help harry in the final battle in which will help harry defeat Voldermort. I don’t think Snape will bother to tell harry sooner because him seen with harry or trying to access Harry may 1. make harry try and kill snape 2. if found near harry or anything will make voldermort very unhappy. But I think maybe Snape will give Harry anonymous tips to help harry.

13. Harry WILL LIVE!

Your ???’s
1 Ring from Gaunts shack
2Slytheins locket which is taken from RAB Reglious black which was tossed away or stolen by Kreacher in Book 5 maybe Grim. Place.
3Diary Destoyed
4Hufflepuffs Cup
5 The snake that harry can see through
6Ravenclaws something
Harry in no one because it would be unadvisable to make a person one and one he’s been trying to kill at that.

I’m thinking James was born into money?? Petunia is not have powers but I think she will help harry some how or show she is sorry for all the mistreat or reveal something about Lily Potter. Remember, Love will save Harry and because of Petunias blood tie he has survived. I think she will open up to Harry before he sets on his journey which will help him. One thing that will deff not happen in Petunia and Filch for one reason she is way to clean for that dirty man.

The whole snape and Dumbledore argurement over heard by Hagrid may have meant more or may not have we will find out I guess maybe Dumbldeore told Snape he had to… im not sure on that but I do think Dumbldore will keep contact with harry throught the Portrait in the Head masters office.

House elves can only appreate in the school grounds. Voldermort could try to use them… it is unknown to me because I believe in book 5 he did have some effect on Kreacher. But he is a lesser for so he will not use them much if he does try.

Wandless incantations is seen in the first book when querill snapes his finger to build a fire to inclose Harry… I believe? Im not sure but I think I remember something like that but that’s the only other time I can think of it… I mean hagrid in book one puts his wand in an umbrella so I do believe they are necessary.

RAB can be regulis if lets say he brought ??? whats it called when harry shoved it in rons throat after slughorns bottle….. anyways he could have been with lets say kreacher… kreacher loved him… and he would not count as a person on the boat. There are many ways that we are not thinking of.

Wow, I really do have a life outside of Harry Potter but when I start something I get a little carried away… sorry about the length and I would love to hear comments back on what you think about my ideas????


Anonymous said...

I actually started reading some more and I am very curious about Serious Black. When a character dies in these books I think the main characters need to see a body. Serious fell behind or into to veil…. Who knows if he is dead or alive or like Luna told Harry after in HPB5 you heard the voices. Maybe that’s where you go when you die in the wizarding world??? Maybe Harry will toss the Mirror Serious gave him in behind the veil and speak to them that way??? Reparo could fix the broken mirror in the bottom of his trunk?? I have no idea I’m just guessing…. Everything I say is just guesses and ideas I have about the books…where do u think Luna will help? I think her to be in there but where? Do you think we will see much of the other school kids like Cho, Lavender, the Pavtil sister, seamus, dean???? DRACO!! pansyCrabbe goyle?? They cannot be cut completely I think the will wanna fight what about the other schools Krum?? And Krums head master that was once a death eater? Do u think we will see anymore reports from the blond woman I can’t remember her name?? Umbridge?? Fudge? Scrimbgor?? We have a lot of characters that I would like to know what happens to good or bad… any suggestions?? Maybe the DA will join the Order? Now Harry and Ginny… I have a feeling which I hope is wrong that Ginny may get hurt…or killed but not before harry tells her everything and all his feelings.. Maybe their love will save Harry…I know harry will defeat him by an act of love or the love of others. Comment me back I think I have some good points that bring up some good thoughts….

Thanks sorry about my never ending thoughts on Harry Potter lol


Scribbit said...

No, love to hear your opinions Victoria though I have to ask:

Am I the only one on the planet who likes Snape??

Ever since the memory from the pensieve where James taunted Snape I feel sorry for him. Seems James could be a real git when he wanted to (I love that word: git, it's so wonderfully descriptive).

So I can't help but think he's good and that he'll prove it before the end. Snape had one nasty childhood, is unloved by everyone, fell in with the wrong crowd early on but has tried to make ammends at great person risk to himself.

And can you blame him that much for not liking Harry? There have been times when Harry annoyed me pretty thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do feel bad for Snape when we see a glimpse of how he was treated by James and the other boys but when Lily tired to help him he called her a mudblood. I feel kids will be kids; they will always make fun of each other wrong or right. This may be a terrible analogy of Snape in the real world, but he reminds me of the kid who was always made fun of and then brings a gun to school. You don’t feel sorry for the gunmen because even though they have had a hard life—you don’t kill people because of it, and that’s what Snape did leading Voldermort to James and Lily. Harry can be annoying and very stubborn but look at this huge responsibility he has on his shoulders. Every parent figure he has every had has died. And now he knows it will either be he or Voldermort, the strongest evilest wizard in the world. I think I would be a pretty big “git” sometimes too love the word*


Scribbit said...

Good point, Victoria, I hadn't thought of it quite like that. Maybe I'm too soft. :)

Did Snape really lead Voldemort to James and Lily? I thought Pettigrew did-- but I haven't read the books lately I'm afraid. I should ask my kids, they've re-read them all in anticipation of next month.

Anonymous said...

Your right, Snape heard the prophecy which he told to Voldermort which made him believe James and Lily's son Harry had to be killed. Petgrew wouldnt have told Voldermort about where James and Lilys where abouts if Voldermort didn't hear about the prophecy from Snape... Harry hears this from Trealey when she is hiding her Sherry bottles and then confronts Dumbledore before their last mission to find a horcrux. But Maybe i'm to hard on Snape, i just feel like he never gave him a chance he hated James(for good reason) but Harry was not even brought up by James and Snape hated him right from the start. Plus i think Dumbledore could be tricked by Snape easier then Snape could tick Voldermort. Dumbledore tries to find the good in people while Voldermort would be more suspicious... Again i can be completley wrong?? Where do you think harry will find the Horcruxes and do u think he might step up to the order and tell him all that he knows so they can all help him in his persuit to kill Voldermort... i think it would help Harry if he took control now that Dumbledore is dead and told everyone what has to be done in order to defeat him. I think harry needs all the help he can get.


Scribbit said...

I'm not so good at predicting where the horcruxes are, my memory for those details isn't as sharp. The only thing I think is that Harry ISN'T a horcrux. There has been some debate about that but that's my bet.

I still think Harry has a good chance of coming back as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

And I've wondered if JKR has read any of these predictions in this thread, I've heard she'll go online and search and talk in chatrooms to see what people are saying . . .

Anonymous said...

I don't think it would be possible for Harry to be one because Voldermort performed the Avada... curse on him to kill him and it back fired on him which is how he lost his power and harry earned the title the boy who lived with that scar upon his forehead. i'm not sure how you make a horcrux but i believe it takes a little bit more then just that curse alone because other wise many wizards would have horcruxes. So even if Voldermort planned to make Harry one he could not have because of the old magic Lily knew of.
If not the actual teacher I think he could start up the DA as an actual club to get more students envolved and prepared for Voldermort and his parade of Death Eaters. I'm think Lupin could come back as the teacher now.. i think parents would be less concerned about a non evil werewolf now that they have other worries. Plus if harry made some sort of statement saying how Lupin taught him how to do a Patrnos in his 3rd year i think parents would be very thrilled to have Lupin teach their children. Still.. Harry has to round up supporters... It's my assumption that there are more death eaters then people willing to fight them. The death eaters have the giants, dementors, werewolfs, and who knows what else the order has the ministry that is clueless and maybe some house elves and Harry and the DA which are all under age. Students will have to step up in order for this war to happen, and not be a blood bath, in my opionion at least.

I wonder what JKR would say if she read this, maybe she would laugh and say omg they are so wrong or maybe were on to something?? Either way it would be awesome if she stumbled upon it. But i'm guessing at the moment she is way to busy with the movie and book coming out next month; she probley doesnt have much free time.

Well i'm off to work for the rest of the Day. Hope to talk to you later!


Anonymous said...

I really think Dumbledore is an animagus. Rowling puts how flames erupted around his body and white smoke is spiraling up in the air to create strange shapes. Then harry thinks he sees a phoenix fly off. After that there's a tomb where dumbledores body was at. You never see the body go into the tomb. The phoenixes body turns to ash before it is reborn again. However, I'm not sure if hes a registered animagus.

As for Snape, Dumbledore is suppose to be the greatest wizard and he saw through Tom Riddle aka Voldemort. I believe he wouldve been able to see through Snape no matter of how great snape was at occlumency. I believe the reason Snape took his anger out on Harry is because Harry reminds snape of James Potter and I think we all read how James was towards Snape. His actions were that of a bully.

One of the anomonyous says that they think its possible that Harrys mom is still alive because he never sees the thestrals until Cedric dies. Thats a very good point but then how was she able to come out of voldemorts wand in the fourth book? Harry and Voldemort wands are connected when both attemted at the same time to stop the other. The ghosts of the people that voldemort killed came out of his wand and she was one of them.

I too find it strange that siruis body turns up missing. I am wondering, since he was an animagus, does that part die as well? If it doesn't then my theory on Dumbledore maybe being an animagus could perfectly well be grounded. Maybe if your destroyed as a human your animal part stays alive. I know that may sound ridiculous but it's possible. But then I"m not sure why 'snuffles' would not have stayed around to help the others.

Anonymous said...

When you die- you die. Being an animagus only means you can change your form into one specfic animal. If you die as the Animal or person you are died, there is not two of you.
Lily is dead because JKR said that she really is dead.
I think he saw through Tom Riddle because Tom showed a little too much to Dumbledore about his personality. Snape was very sneaky. I just don't want to think he's good when he may not be. I would be so let down if Snape was bad and I let myself believe he was not.
Sirius i'm really not sure about!

Is butterbeer have alochol in it????


Scribbit said...

Sure seems like butterbeer is the real thing--it makes Winky drunk, remember?

Europe doesn't have the same restrictions about drinking.

Anonymous said...

Ok Has anyone thought that Viktor Krum could teach Defense Against the Dark Arts?!

Scribbit said...

No I hadn't but that's a great idea. I've always liked Victor and wished he played a bigger part in things. Loved the way he makes Ron squirm on many levels.

He'd be a fun teacher but probably doesn't have the skills Harry does in the subject. Good thought though.

Anonymous said...

I dont think Harry will die. JKR wrote the ending to this story years ago and if she stayed true to it i dont think she would kill our hero. I think many people believe she will kill him off because she doesnt want anyone else continuing the story but im sure she wasnt thinking about that when she was living on welfare. Just a thought though, i just would hate for it to end that way.

Anonymous said...

i agree that snape had some sort of arrangement with dumbledore. maybe he took an unbreakable oath with dumbledore that in the end led snape to kill him

Anonymous said...

I dont think Snape is good... i think dumbledore believed him because he wanted to think Snape changed and because he saw the best in people but thats it... i don't think Snape had an agreement..

Anonymous said...

I do agree with most of yur predictions, only that he wont be mr. weasley but sadly mrs. weasly. I also do believe that harrys aunt with play a very important role in finding out more about harry and his family. Now for those who say the last horcrux is harry; please do shut up. It is almost impossible for it to be harry, for then he would have to kill himself to destory voldemort and jk woud never do such a thing even though it would totally be daring and suprising; it would just crush too many souls. Now we all no the horcruxs are the dairy, the ring, the locket, the cup, some of ravenclaw and gryffindor, which only leaves one. Now think back what does dumbledore always say was voldemort favorite place in the whole wide world? Thats right hogwarts. Now i can not take credit for this prediction; it was my brothers during a talking session we had and i have come to accept it as something that could really happen. Think it all makes sense; it would so hard for harry to destroy hogwarts his real home; whats makes for a better ending? They have been living in the horcrux for the past 7 years. I had my doubts to, it being to large to out of there; but when all is done it just makes to much sense. It was voldemorts first true love and he wanted to be apart of it forever, aka applying for a teaching job. This is the best prediction of the horcrux out there right now and please do comment back.

Anonymous said...

Who is Mrs. Norris? I think it is Filch's wife and he messed up on a spell and that's why he's a squib.

Anonymous said...

Ok so i was thinking the other day.... harry could be a horcrux because what if when Harry's parents died Voldermort got overly excited at the thought that he was going to kill Harry and made him one accadently. What if Dumbledore was suggesting the snake so harry would know it was possible people could be Horcrux... If Harry is one thou i dont think it means death cause the ring is still a ring after dumbledore destroys the Horcrux inside... No one else has a lighting bolt scar and i think the reason why is because Voldy left some of his soul, some of Tom Riddle in side of Harry would make sense to why harry can see some thoughts and knows how to speak to snakes... just a thought

Anonymous said...

I agree... I think Harry was a horcrux... and thats why Voldemort needed him to be "reborn" at the end of GoF. That would also explain why non of the Death Eaters were allowed to kill him when they had their chances.

Anonymous said...

yeah good point

DAVIIID said...


Rah said...

I think that voldemort will be killed by harry's blood because he will not be able to live with Lily's loving blood in him. Without his horcruxes there is not enough evil in him. That will cause him horrible agony, and in the end he will die a normal death. This also explains Dumbledore's gleam of triumph; he knows now that Voldemort has messed up and when all the horcuxes are gone ha will die.
Besides, Harry and Voldemort can't duel, the wands will perform the same thing that happened in GOF.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever considered the thought of Harry AND Voldy dying? I had a prediction made from a friend of mine, and it made sense. Ok, the prophecy could have either been Harry or Nelville right? Well, you all seem to agree that Neville is going to get his chance to shine somehow...well what if Harry indeed gets killed by Voldy...but Nelville kills Voldy! She even added in the fact of Nelville killing him by accident! What ya think?

Anonymous said...

i think the reason harry was unable to communicate with sirius through the two way mirrors when he tried to at the end of book 5 was because he wrongly identified sirius. When james and sirius used them as students they very likely called themselves by their nicknames (i.e. padfoot, prongs). I feel that harry would have been able to communicate with sirius if he'd identified him as padfoot. I think this will factor in somehow in book 7.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if these have been said already (so don't yell at me) but here goes nothing. My three predictions for the book are:

1. Kreacher and Regulus Black rode the little boat to the locket Horcrux in that pool (remember that Dumbledore said Voldemort only allowed for one wizard on the boat, but nothing about how many other things could be on it). Regulus forced Kreacher to drink that stuff (which is why he's so miserable) and Regulus a.k.a. RAB left the note and a fake locket. He then deposited in his the Black household with orders for Kreacher to preserve it.

2. My other prediction is that Dumbledore's soul (or part of his soul) went into the portrait of his in his office (remember that all of the other previous headmaster's who died are stored there). This could either be because it is enchanted, or (and now I'm really spectulating) a Horcrux of Dumbledores. So I don't think he's alive per se (according to J.K. Rowling) but he can still communicate with Harry and others from the beyond.

3. This here is really unlikely: Sirius fell through the veil in his human form. What if (in the realm of death) he transformed into his dog/Grim form and was able to escape in that form because that "being" had never fallen through?

Anonymous said...


my theory is that at the end harry will not die...but i feel his scar is a horcruxe because harry and him are bonded so well. I feel since voldemort left the scar its a horcruxe..i feel harry would find all of them and discover the last one was himself. He learns that he can end the horcruxe but by doing so he'll have to give up his instead of death harry leaves the one thing behind that has been the closest thing to him being his magical world.

Anonymous said...

maybe the only reason harry had magic in the first place was from voldemort..u know his moms parents were muggles correct? so if he ended the horcruxe in him..that ends his magic

Anonymous said...

maybe also..that thats why voldemort wants to kill harry..because harry can overpower him and end up killing him. its better to get rid of one horcruxe then all of them..and hed probably know that with harrys magic he could find them and destroy them.

Dan said...

though i must admit for i while i belived that Harry himself might be a horucrux, he couldnt be, because if he was, voldemort would no enough not to try to kill him.
I am counting day until book 7, i cant wait.

Dan said...

and i think it is rediculous to say the source of Harrys magic is Voldemort. Mabey im being nieve but this seems too far fetched evin for a fictional novel about wiches and wizards.

Dan said...

not to attack anyones ideas (ok well mabey a little) but the picture of in the Headmasters office could not be a horicrux because they are evil and require having taken life. I dont think either of these apply to Dumbeldore in the least.
I dont think Harry will ever again be a teacher or a student at the school he once loved so much. If he goes back at all it will be purly for the business of fighting voldimort. Allow me to refrase. he may return as a student but not in the conventional way. He may become a student of the secrets which Voldimort once sought. perhaps he will find power within those walls.

dan said...

finally i would love to see neville become miniater and Hermione should absolutly be headmaster.
I have so many questions that need answering i hope most of them are answerd in book 7.

MarielS said...

So I have to say - everyone is obsessing about who's going to die - and that's fine, but I am trying to figure out who everyone *thinks* is dead, but is not. At end of the last book, Dumble. offers Draco the chance to be truly hidden - "he (V) cannot kill you if you are already dead...we can hide you more completely than you can possibly imagine." JKR tends to do this - tell us something is possible in a different context than what will truly be important to the story - she doesn't pull things out of nowhere - clues are there and I think this is one. It's not Sirius and he's not coming back - dead is dead for him, dead is dead for Dumbledore - no way he comes back as a ghost. So who is it? Regulus? hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

demenotours he hears how his parents and finds out that his dad was killed first, however, in HP and the G of F, Harry and voldys wands conect and "reverse" every spell it ever made starting from the most receant and moving backwards. This means that Harry's mom shhould have appeared before his dad, but his dad actualy came first. Am I missing something???


gaurav said...

Cent percent facts:-
1>Harry lives. No way can he die.
2>One of Hermione, Ron or Ginny dies.
3>Voldemort dies(Yes it's too obvious)
4>Snape is a good guy but his true identity is not revealed until the climax.
5>Dudley is a wizard. Aunt Petunia hides this fact from Dudley.
These facts were revealed by none other than J.K.Rowling herself to Mary Griffith who suffers from cancer and wanted to know the end lest she die before the book release.

Anonymous said...

Alright I don't know if anyone is reading this anymore since the book comes our in a little over a week but i am going to put my 2 knuts in as well. I like most of your predictions but some i think are ridiculus. I just finished reading all 6 of the books but in reverse order 6-1 which i would recommend because you pick up on so much that you normally wouldn't. Ok Neville plays a big part in the 7th book I want him to Kill Bellatrix I would love it. Harry Kills Voldermort but Ginny dies for him, the whole love motif. Dumbledore is dead but i hate saying it. He still plays a big role through Fawkes Portrait and I love your daughters thought of the Pensieve. but if he isn't dead Dumbledore is an unregistered Animagus and he is a Phoenix. I say this for two reason
1. In the 2nd book while Harry is in Tom Riddles diary Riddle says to harry all of the teachers liked him except for the Transfiguration Teacher Dumbledore, therefore he is most likely an animagus.
2. in the 6th book when the fire burst around him and the tomb encloses his body a phoenix flys our and the whole phoenix reborn from the ashes thing.
Well thats that other things that play a big part.
1 Dumbledores brother Aberforth
2 Dumbledore having James Cloak (possible Horecrux of Godric Gryffndor)
3 Neville
4 Snape is good i hate to say it but he is but i hope he dies maybe as a last chance to redeem himself
5 Peter Pettigrew (he owes Harry for saving his life in the 3rd book)
Thats it but sorry for the length

Anonymous said...

Dumbledore's death was planned. HE is a time traveller. He can come to harry from the past when he was alive.

Anonymous said...

Although I do not want Harry to die, I do think it is possible he is a horcrux. Like someone mentioned earlier, Voldemort would be willing to destroy the one thing he thinks could kill him even if it is part of his soul because he still has 6 more. Oh and I do think Snape is a good guy with a bad attitude.

tyler said...

A few things....

The proph said that "neither can live while the other survives." It does not say that one has to live and one has to die. They can both die.

As to Neville being the true boy of the prophecy....Voldy chose who the boy was when he decided it was Harry. He could have chosen Neville, but he didn't. Thus Harry is the marked boy.

Harry has his mother's eyes. He is a seer, just like his mother.

Neville will become Minister...I like that. Neville is one of the more powerful young wizards in the book, which will only be more apparent as his confidence grows...he won't kill LeStrange, he will show mercy...

Ginny will play a large part in killing Voldy, she is an extremely powerful witch, which hasn't really been shown as much...

Snape is bad. I'm sorry, but DD said it himself, his weakness is his compassion. Which is also why Sirus is dead...he felt sorry for Harry, distanced himself from Harry, and let Harry walk into a trap.

Voldy's biggest weakness is his pride. Like DD's weakness lead to his death, Voldy's pride will be the cause of his JK....

DD could have a horcrux. He does have a kill...

Also, about Gryffindor's sword and the way that they could be horcrux's. If I remember correctly, a horcrux had to be created when someone was killed by putting a peice of your sould into an object. A flick of the wand in his pocket is not enough to make a horcrux randomly. To impart a piece of your soul into an object would take more than a subtle flick of your wrist.

As much as I hate the locket/Kreacher fits.

If DD doesn't have a horcrux, he is dead. Gone, and said it himself, "no spell can resurrect the dead." However, he DID NOT say, "No spell can communicate with the dead." If the dead are kept behind the veil in the department of mysteries, their must be away to communicate on their level. This would explain (sort of an under the hood explanation) why pictures can talk and move even after they are gone. Notice that when Harry got DD's card in the first book, DD peaced out because he had other things to do.

That leads me to another point. Any picture of Voldy can possibly be a horcrux. If a picture captures a piece of the soul (a real belief of some, and possible inspiration for JK), then that only gives rise to the thought....

Harry's scar is the real key. It is their connection. The scar is a piece of Voldy, just as much as it is a piece of Harry. I believe the scar is the real horcrux. Why? Because that is who Voldy is. His pride will be his downfall. His pride led him to create specifically 7 horcrux's to defy the 'perfect number.' His pride lead him to create the real horcrux into harry's scar, to defy 'the chosen one.' The death used to create the crux out of the scar was Voldy's own death. This is why neither can survive while the other lives. They are two wills fighting over one soul. I think that Harry will sacrifice himself for the world and once and for all defeat evil. Sounds familiar....

Anonymous said...

I think Harry is going to lose his powers, or I would even go so far as to say he *sacrifices* his powers, thus becoming a muggle, to save hogwarts. Killing him would be too much, but making him a muggle would ensure no crappy fan fiction or half assed liscencing crap...

Anonymous said...

I agree on a few of you predictions, especially those concerning Dumbledore's death. He is indeed dead, but will contact Harry with alternative methods; I like the pensieve theory, but I also believe that Fawkes will be seen again...perhaps Dumbledore will use the phoenix. I agree Harry will return to Hogwarts, but not as a student or a teacher. There will be a battle of some kind there. Snape is evil; Dumbledore made a mistake. Godric's sword couldn't possibly be a horcrux...Dumbledore would have sensed that. And I don't believe anything will come of Petunia, because she is not a squib. Her parents were both muggles, which makes her a normal muggle. Lily is a muggle-born witch. (And I'm sure we will all be wrong and JK will make us look like fools!) Enjoy the 7th book!
Chris - WI

Anonymous said...

1. First of all, being a children's story primarily with a moral background, Harry MUST defeat Voldemort. This being said, he will end of revealing the Horcruxes to multiple people before the end, primarily Ginny. If love is the only way Harry can defeat Voldemort, it stands to reason that she will be involved as much as Ron and Hermione.

2. Harry and Ginny will get back together after an attack on Bill's wedding, resulting in the death of 1 of the Weasleys. No one actually knows that Harry and Ginny "broke up", so it doesn;t really mean much at all.

3. Dumbledore is gone, but Sirius will return. No one has ever actually said what the Veil does, so it seems likely Rowling avoided that for a reason.

4. Harry is not a Horcrux. It requires a successful murder, which Voldemort failed to complete. Also, Lily's death does not count as he intended to make one upon Harry's death.

5. The last Horcrux is Auntie Muriel's tiara. We saw a tiara in the ROR in HBP, and it fits with the idea of the other Horcruxes ( a ring, a locket, a cup, you get the idea)

6. Hagrid, Neville, Luna, McGonagall, Snape, Malfoy and Voldemort will all die.

7. Harry can move on and marry Ginny. My interpretation of the prophecy is the since "neither can live while the other survives", the winner (Harry) gets to finally live a fulfilling life.

SoccerPiano74 said...

With less than a week till the arrival of HP & the DH, here are my predictions

1) I agree with those above who have suggested that Regulus Black is RAB. It fits in perfectly with the story. Blacks note inside the fake locket was likely not seen by Voldemort, and so Voldy does not know that the horcrux is at #12 Grimmauld Palace. Hermione will discover that RAB is Regulus Black, and Harry will command Kreacher to fetch the Horcrux.

2) Luna Lovegood. There has to be a big story with her, otherwise Rowling wouldn't have given her important roles in 5 and 6. I mean, the 5 people who accompany Harry to the Ministry in Order of the Phoenix are Ron, Hermione and Neville (his three best friends) Ginny, (his girlfriend), and Luna. Her big role has not yet occurred, but it will. My guess is that Luna is Hepzibah Smith's granddaughter (the owner of the cup and locket, before they became horcruxes) and Luna will aid Harry in finding the cup.

3) Snape is good. He had to act evil, otherwise Voldemort would have suspected him. Also, he held a grudge against Harry for what James did to him (you can't blame him). Finally, Dumbledore's death was planned, for whatever reason. Snape had to abide by the Unbreakable Vow and Dumbledore's orders

4) DEATHS--I do not believe there will be a bloodbath as some have suggested, but several notables will perish. Among these, I predict Luna, Neville, Mrs. Weasley, Snape (he will tell Harry his story on his deathbed) and possibly one or more teachers at Hogwarts. As for Harry possibly dying, I have no idea.

5) Hogwarts will reopen. Minerva McGonagall will be headmistress, but I cannot see Harry being the DADA teacher. He's already got enough on his plate

6) Hagrid will effectively relate much of Dumbledore and Snape's history to Harry. He has slipped details in the past, but was ultimately, we assume, forbidden by Dumbledore to let on any stories. Contrary to what many believe, Hagrid is quite knowledgeable and experienced.

7) Malfoy, Lucius, and Narcissa Malfoy will perish. Angry with Lucius, Voldemort will kill his wife and son before destroying Lucius himself.

8) Neville will kill Bellatrix LeStrange in combat, and then be killed by another death eater.

9) Petunia Dursley will play a major role. She was Lily's sister, and as JK Rowling has indicated, they were of the Slytherin bloodline. Perhaps as someone suggested, the Muggles will unite to fight against Voldemort

10) Rufus Scrimgeour will be replaced as Minister of Magic at some point in the book. By whom, I am not sure

Thanks for all your predictions. I can't wait till book 7!!

Anonymous said...

personally, i don't think harry will kill voldemort with Avada Kedavra. i think that he will figure out how to go into voldemort's body and make him re-endure the pain of harry's love before he dies

Anonymous said...

I think snape is a horcrux. Thats why voldemort gives him certain leniency that he doesn't give the other death eaters. However, i believe snape told dumbledore this and thats why dumbledore trusts him. I think snape is secretly good and didnt really kill dumbledore. Dumbledore will find someway to reconnect with harry (maybe through pensieve) because as he previously stated, he will always he there if people still need him. Snape will eventually die at the hand of voldemort in an attempt to save potter.

i think neville will finally find out about his "almost life" and discover the courage and strength to defeat Bella.

i think luna will play a significant role in the seventh book. Harry will recieve strange but important advice from her in his attempt to kill voldemort. Harry and luna share an strong bond .

Scribbit said...

Okay last anonymous comment, you win the prize for the most original comment. I can't bring myself to believe that Harry could be a horcrux but the idea of Snape being one is not only original but possible.

Very nicely done. Are you J.K. Rowling posting anonymously? :)

I'm not so sure that Luna will be a big part, but I sure wish she and Neville could be an item later on. They seem perfect for each other but I think I've read somewhere that Rowling denies that will ever happen.

Anonymous said...

hello fellow harry potter fans. im with the idea of ginny doing the whole 'love sacrifice' thing for harry so he lives and is once again protected by love.

but im not really sure on anything.

my plan is just to wait 4 more days!

Anonymous said...

Harry is not a horcrux as voldamorts soul could not live in him because of blood.... dumbaldore is not and animagus but i remeber im not sure wat book it was in but he said something like wen theres something evil theres always something could to contaract it... horcruxes therefore may have a goo alternitive perhaps sacrafising and im sure ddore has sacrifised 1nc maybe wen he got his hand well burnt sorta thing... i beleive he put the iquivelent of a horcrux into forx he has alot of control over him even for ddore and forx can't die sooo yerrr... though ddore being alive would be like all happy eva after sorta thing and i don't think that will be that great... harry can't die (JKR has already said 2 of the main characters are going to die (i beleive them as neville (after he kills lestrange) and Mr weasly though he is not an entirly main character but i recon if 1 of the weaslies sacrafise for love then harry might have protection again (i don't know)_ house elves are deffinatly coming in to it.... centaus as well!!!....DEATHLY HOLLOWS??????? theres got to be some story behind the name i mean half blood prince goblet of fire and all the others had a object group person or something behind the title wat are ur thoughts on this


ravid reader,

Anonymous said...

I think Draco was under imperius by snape so snape can control the exact goings on of the death eaters because he is actually good. + made draco hesitate so he could kill ddore to relieve him of the pain as he took the potion so was inevitably going to die. Also they had it planned out that snape was to kill ddore to look as though he was on the side of voldemort.

Anonymous said...

I think Voldermort will die from love, the love for harry's survival will save harry and defeat Voldermort...
Two people that die...i'm thinking Lupin and Wormtail the last of the Maurders and Voldermort??

i think bellatrix will be tricked into insanity by neville like some plant will do it??

I think Ginny and Harry aren't done for long i think harry will open up to her

Ron Herminone deff getting it on! lol!

I was very disappointed by the film?? Changed and left out way to much!!

Harry a horcrux i hope not i doubt it

DD is deff talking to him in the pensive and portrait!

Elaine said...

well about harry being a horcrux...

i dont think thats possible cause voldemorts been trying to kill harry this whole series right?

so if he kills harry then he's also destroying one of his precious horcruxes as well, isn't he?
just a guess.

as for people dying i think there are a few canidates:

-one of the weasleys (hopefully not one of the twins!!!)
-possibly ron or hermione but i'm not sure...

once again just guesses (:

Anonymous said...

RAB.. it has to be two people.. one was under 17 when the horcrux was found.. so it would be: someone AND someone.. i have a feeling the the names in the first book that harry read of the chocolate frog cards will get tied in somehow..

ddore is dead! and it showed us that even the best of wizards are wrong sometime.. snape i would like to think is evil but that a hazey topic for me.

people who die: there are not that many options left because..well.. so many of harrys friends and family have died.. 1. i think hagrid is a gonna and that snape or draco.( could we see voldemort as a main character?? 2. i thaink that moony and worntail.. lupin and petigrew will die.. te four great friends..

whoever said that godrics sword is a horcrux has not been paying any attention because it was found (by harry) after voldemort was defeated. 7 horcruxes: 1 the diary (destroyed), 2 the ring(destroyed), 3 the locket(might have been destroyed or is the house of black, 4 hufilpufs cup(unknown), 5 nagini the snake (unknown), 6 totaly unkown, 7 in voldemort.

i think that maybe the thought about the dreams contact was very good.. has anyone thought that maybe harry potter is not a conspiracy???

Anonymous said...

i believe that the last horcruxe are actually is harry's scar. in order to kill voldermort harry must take his own life to kill voldermort and keep hogwarts,ron,hermione and the whole of the wizarding world safe from voldermort forever but harry can survive .. but he will lose his magic powers. will harry sacrafice being a wizard for the rest or the wizarding world and his loved ones?

Anonymous said...

and the second last one you are so not paying attention because how possibly can the last horcruxe be in voldermort if its his soul in the horcruxes .. think about that!

Anonymous said...

By: Shon

Now if we look back at book 5 when Sirius is dueling with Bellatrix, on page 805 (i think) it says "Harry saw Sirius duck Bellatrix's jet of red light: He was laughing at her", and later on it says,"The second jet of light hit him squarely on the chest".
Since the colour of the jinx is not told, it doesn't necessarily mean the spell was Avada Kedavera (which is green by the way), the red jinx is usually stupify ...

any thoughts to this???

Anonymous said...

First Of All - this prediction is completely random of me going out on a complete hunch and will probably make nooo sense and will anger many people

First of all, I think several people will die such as some order members and some death eaters
J.K. Rowling said that two major characters will meet there demise. I believe that the first one to die will be Ron while the trio are out searching for a horcruxe. After that Harry decides that it is too dangerous to continue to persue the horcruxes and look for an alternative route to beat voldemort. After seeking Enlightenment for professor slugworth who will probably leak out information he shouldn't have... this brings me to the title. The Deathly Hallows, i believe is an object, or a relic, that can beat voldemort. However, this path would seem almost as suicidal as the horcruxes... Hermione would step up and say "trust dumbledore" and persue the horcruxes instead.. after that, things go well for a while, and then on the final horcruxe (That ISN'T Harry) Hermione will die.... but they will destroy that horcruxe at least and maybe kill a couple of death eaters along the way (bellatrix)
Like I said in my intro, many of you will be pretty angry with my prediction...
After that, Ginny will push Harry forward not to give up hope... Taking the few remaining order members (Lupin and Tonks probably, and maybe mad-eye moody), as well as classmates like Nevil and Luna, (and Ginny will sneak along), Harry prepares and goes in to the Final Showdown with Voldemort and his crew... and in epic style Voldemort will die, and the only death eater I predict escaping will be Lucius Malfoy (that @$$), With limited time, Harry will ask any of the surviving good team members - i think Nevil or Ginny (Ginny would be extremely reluctant since she shows up at the last second - but would make a corny ending) Harry will ask one of them to Kill Him, since he is the Last Horcruxe and must die so Voldemort can never return.
And thats that story

Other predictions include a little bit of Romance in the beginning chapters, and maybe a corny demise of Ron dying in Hermione's arms. Lupin will kill wormtail.. that should be pretty cool, oh and Dumbledore is dead - not coming back, however it would be cool if he did, though that won't happen… oh and maybe before Hermione dies – she kills Draco Malfoy, that would be funny, and Ron can get Crabbe and Goyle – but that probably won’t happen

And the big one - Is Snape evil?
Look into those baggy eyes and still face... can you tell? The answer is NO. I believe that Snape has really been working for Voldemort the entire time, but while on his assignment at Hogwarts had softened up a bit, and will in the end probably contribute to the death of Voldemort.. maybe by dissarming Voldemort (Expilliarmus - or however you spell it), and in the end he will probably vanish, unless confronted by lupin, in which he would probably win that fight, but, thats a pretty random prediction for Snape

With the Potter Series over, all that will be left is like insane debates or discussions about the book, because I believe J.K. Rowling will leave a few Cliff Hangers like.. what happens to certain surviving characters, or the trio in the afterlife... but who knows
We'll have to find out for ourselves on Saturday

Anonymous said...

as far as the horcruxes are concerned i think the seven horcruxes are
1.the locket (destroyed i think)
2.riddle's diary(destroyed)
3.ring (destroyed)
the remaining four i believe are:
4.hufflepuff's cup the one harry saw in the penseive with dumbledore
5.nagini.. voldemort's snake
6.ofcourse voldemort's soul that resides in his body
7.harry.. i madthat out in this way that when voldemort tried to kill haary as a child he instead gave him a scar and dumbledore mentioned that voldemort had transferred his powers in harry by giving him that scar.. so i htink harry is also a horcrux now!

Anonymous said...

by Shon:

I love the Harry potter books, but there's something that started to bother me a lot after the half blood prince, which is (if i keep a good memory) what happened to Lilly and James Potter's bodies? If Voldemort used the killing spell to kill them, their bodies should remain right? If im not mistaken J.K.R never talked about them, did she?

plz let me know!

Anonymous said...

Yes You Are Right, Jkr Doesnt Talk About Harrys Parents Bodies But In Deathly Hallows It Tells You They Are Buried. I Am Reading The Book The Now (Deathly Hallows) And Remember Absolutely Nothing About The Half Blood Prince Will Someone Please Write A Summary Of What Hapens Please I Would Really Appreciate It.

Anonymous said...


Yeaaa, I'm soo glad she answered that one! a relief really... im on chap 9!!! cant wait to start reading again my sis wont give me a chance, i have to read at like night after 1am!!!

Muggle said...

A little off topic, but this is funny. Harry Potter moves into a house with three regular guys.

Anonymous said...

funny topic