Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spiderman, Spiderman, Does Whatever a Movie Can

Spiderman 3Have you been yet? Have you seen it? There aren't that many movies I'm looking forward to this summer--outside of Harry Potter and The Bourne Ultimatum--but for this one I had my tickets ready on opening day.

I'm talking of course about Spiderman 3, the sequel to--um--Spiderman 2 and--uh--Spiderman 1. Having enjoyed the first two movies I was hopped up to see the latest installment and neither Andrew or I were disappointed.

I'd heard a few negative things from the critics: that the plot was fragmented, that it was too long and I can see why they'd say that but regardless I liked it. I've already established why Spiderman is so much cooler than other superheroes and the movies follow the same formula, Spiderman is likable because he's an everyman.

Toby McGuire isn't a plastic-looking hunky statue but a common-looking nearly-nerd that spends most of his screen time with his eyes wide open in puzzled disbelief. Well, except for scenes where he's blessed with an extraordinary amount of eyeliner and bad lighting (have to see it to see what I mean).

Spiderman's bad guys are also sympathetic characters--I can't help but feel sorry for poor Doctor Octopus. I mean if you'd had giant artificial-intelligence-filled-mechanical arms attach themselves to your spinal column and had inadvertently killed the woman you love in a fit of mad-scientist-crazed rage wouldn't you be an emotional mess? Or gosh, look at poor Sandman--a common petty crook (and not even a very successful petty crook at that) who is just misunderstood and trying to save his poor dying daughter. If, while running from law enforcement's attempts to send you back to prison late one night, you inadvertently stepped into an unguarded molecular transmogrifier run by supermodel nuclear physicists and had your molecules rearranged I'd be shedding plenty of tears for your pitiable circumstances.

I feel sorry for The Sandman and Venom and The Hobgoblin. Heck, I even felt some compassion towards J. Jonah Jameson--for one brief second. Even the women in Spidey's life are sweet and lovable. How could Peter possibly choose between Gwen Stacy's brains, Betty Brant's cheek or M.J.'s style? No wonder he's sticking with Aunt May because which could choose? Even Ursula Ditkovitch, the landlord's daughter, is a cutie (who happens to completely remind me of my sweet sister-in-law Becca--no lie, the spittin' image and just as sweet).

But I'm rambling. The bottom line is, the movie is long but it's not too long. There are scenes in the middle that are so painfully embarrassing for our poor hero that I had to watch them through my fingers, but that's not the same thing. The plot is somewhat fragmented, but then that's because you've got several really cool villains that have to be introduced. Let me emphasize that, they're really cool.

The battle/fight sequence at the end (and I'm not giving anything away here--you knew there would be one right?) is better than anything in the previous two and the way things evolve at the end between the characters and plot pieces is great. Loved it. And my boys will be gratified to know that their expertise in Spiderman's history paid off because they called the plot exactly. Well done boys.

Now the question is: can you spot Stan Lee's (the creator of Spiderman) cameo?

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G's Cottage said...

You make it almost tempting. But one Spiderman satisfied my curiosity. I think it relates back to my low threshold for comic books. I have come to the conclusion that there are comic book personalities and and there are non comic book personalities. But I enjoyed reading about your enjoyment of the movie; and I'm glad you are not a spoiler.

Side note: I have been enjoying "Poppy Fields" blog. Thanks for the introduction.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Am I, perhaps, the only one who has not seen any of the Spiderman movies? But I agree with g's cottage ~ reading your review made it all the more tempting ;-)

Babystepper said...

I have this problem with super-hero movies. They never get the girl. Not really. I can't stand that. Here's this poor hapless female, desperately in love or whatever, and weirdoboy is off saving the world. I don't watch romances either, don't get me wrong, but there was too much romantic angst in the first two Spiderman movies for me. I don't think I can take any more.

dcrmom said...

Thanks for the recap! I have not been to a movie theater in YEARS. No joke. I think I might break out of the hole I've been living in and go see Spiderman. sounds like one the hubby and I might both enjoy.

mcewen said...

I heard a couple of reviews on the radio and the consensus of opinion was that instead on having the consensus of one director it seemed as if it had been put together by a committee. But that's art critics for you.
As for the target audience? I don't think we'll be hearing many complaints.

Lisa Milton said...

We are going today. I can't wait. Glad to hear you liked it - the reviews were iffy.

But I am devout in my Peter Parker adoration I guess.

my4kids said...

I can't wait to see the movie myself and Izzak is very excited that his uncle is taking him to it today.

Thea said...

Oh man, I can't believe you've seen it already. Cool. I can't wait to see this one and I think looking for Stan Lee is half the fun!

Anonymous said...

I pride myself on my ability to spot Stan Lee. Can't wait to see it!

As for the girl factor, I'll stick with Gwen, partially because she's the most pitiable because her death was so, so unfair.

Jenny McB said...

The Stan Lee cameo was easy in this one. Saw the movie yesterday and enjoyed it.

But from what I could gather, they really didn't set up anything for a fourth, or did I miss something?

I tagged you over at my blog...10 interesting things about yourself.

Alexandra said...

Dh, ds and his friend are going to see it tomorrow.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Since DH is still in grad school, we can't get out to the movies very often. However, I am looking forward to this coming out on DVD!

Anonymous said...

hey scribbit: i loved watching this movie. i think i liked this one better than the first two. and petey as a goth kinda cracked me up (and this is coming from someone who thinks goth looks sooo stupid).

yes, i did spot the cameo of stan lee. it was cute and brief how they had him stand next to petey briefly on the street saying some cute brief line.

and scribbet, you really nailed it how you described sandman -- you worded that sentence about him just wild.

~take care :) kathleen

jchevais said...

I really liked this movie too.

The ending kicked ass.

Kelly said...

Can't wait to see it.

Love that you loved it.

When I was a little girl, I just knew I was going to grow up to marry Peter Parker. He was the coolest.

And isn't this the last Spiderman movie? (Hence, no setup for a fourth?) Someone told me yesterday Stan Lee only intended to make a trilogy.

Carrie J said...

The angst in Spiderman is what I love about it. Spidey wouldn't be nearly as cool if he was rich and suave like Bruce Wayne or confident like Clark Kent. Just knowing that he is stumbling around sometimes makes him easier to identify with. The angst that all the villans have makes them more sympathetic characters. Just when you feel sorry for them they do something frightful.
I liked the movie but not as much as the first two. I can't think of the embrassing part without humming Staying Alive. Ah, Ah, Ah,Ah... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.