Friday, December 28, 2007

Someone I'd Like You to Meet: Kailani from An Island Life

When I read about Kailani's Island Life it's like a Calgon moment for me--suddenly I'm whisked away to a world that is much more exciting, more glamorous than my own and I'm relaxing on a sun-soaked beach with the waves nibbling at my toes . . .

Oh where was I?

The guest judge for this month's Write-Away Contest, Kailani lives with her husband and two darling daughters in Hawaii, of course that's only when she's not zipping around the country as a flight attendant to exciting destinations or hanging out with family on the world-famous beaches of Maui. She's like the James Bond of the mombloggers--only with an Aston Martin minivan--she's even seen the Cheetah Girls.

Married for eight years to a man who also happens to be a flight attendant for the same airlines (though that's not how they met, for the whole story you'll have to go here) Kailani has great reviews, contests and stories of life in paradise which she somehow manages to post while she's jetting from place to place. No I'm not jealous at all.

When I asked her about how she got started blogging I had to give her points for the most unusual answer, it wasn't to keep in touch with family or to further her writing career, basically she was trying to get free stuff (aren't we all?) To quote her directly:

I initially started blogging to get a free download of a Palm Treo Smartphone application. All I had to do was write a review post and I could keep the software. I didn't even know what a blog was! A fellow Treo user I had met in a forum helped me set everything up and I wrote the review thinking that would be as far as the blog would go. Boy, was I wrong! Blogging has become part of my every day life.
So I guess what I'm hearing is that before she actually had a blog she had people approaching her to review products so she decided she ought to start figuring out what a blog is. Nice work if you can get it, right?

Her blog has grown wonderfully, even with a major setback about a year ago when a nasty security issue arose that forced her to abandon her original blog and start fresh with An Island Life (apparently mystery and intrigue follow her everywhere). I asked her how this episode affected her and if she has any advice for beginning bloggers as a result.
"It was a scary experience and a real eye opener. At first, I decided that I wouldn't post any more photos of my family, however, it's hard not to when it's a blog about my family. I would advise new bloggers not to get too specific about what your family does on a daily basis. For example, don't mention that your kids go to swim class every Friday and post a photo of the pool they swim at. Anyone familiar with your area could easily track you down."
But as for other blogging issues she also had this to say:
"If you have a question, don't be afraid to ask. A majority of bloggers are more than willing to help out. I know I am! I can still remember when I first started blogging, I didn't even know how to insert a link! We all have to learn somewhere. Also, don't be afraid to leave a comment even if you're a new visitor to that blog. Most times, the owner will repay the favor. And who knows, you could end up being blogging buddies!"
After reading An Island Life and enjoying Kailani's writing I'm glad I've got a chance to know her and to count her as one of my "blogging buddies."

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Geekwif said...

A blog about life in a place that's actually warm? I definitely have to check this one out.

Meredith said...

Great interview! I'm glad to "meet" An Island Life : )


Great article...loved hanging around here :)

Robin said...

Definitely the most original "why I started blogging" answer I've heard :-). Great interview you two.

Daisy said...

She's so fun to read! I'm sitting here staying warm in a snowstorm, and reading about Hawaii would be, well, rather different.

sandierpastures said...

I love reading Kailani's blog as well. Our time zones make it very convenient to go online at the same moment. Glad to have found her online, and you (and your blog) too!

-- From Grace, also blogging in warm Dubai

Sher :) said...

Kailani truly is a great blogging buddy. She's the one who helped me get started. :)

Sarah said...

I agree, Kailani is a breath of fresh air! She is so generous to new bloggers, too.